Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Finally, it's here! Saturday 12/25/10 - Christmas Day. We can't believe it's our fourth one with kids!!

Of course the morning must begin with the obligatory picture on the stairs:


Show us what's in your stockings guys. Mmmmmm, Tootsie Rolls for Xia and Fruit Roll-Ups for Isa:


And look, a toy that makes a raspberry sound for Xia and bubble wrap for both of them! Who doesn't love getting bubble wrap in their stocking!

And Isa gets a light up yo-yo while Xia gets, wait for it... a Whoopie Cushion!!



Xia opens her Dora backpack WITH map!


Xia and Isa play with the flashlights from their stockings:

They also got Recorders (hmmmm, did Mommy and Daddy get ear plugs?):


Xia got her very own digital camera. We may see some of her pictures appearing on this blog soon!

And Isa got her very own keyboard:


Isa opens a manger plaque from her Godparents:



An aerial view of the present opening zone:


We all had fun playing with the Zhu Zhu pets!

Then we opened the BIG present from Santa to the whole family:

A NEW microwave (good timing Santa since the old one just died - which by the way was a Christmas gift to Mommy is December of 1998!!):

Whew, we were all pooped and getting hungry, so Mommy made some pancakes for breakfast. Then Grammy and Great Grammom came over in the early afternoon to see what Santa had brought. Unfortunately, Daddy got some kind of stomach bug and had to stay in bed the rest of the day!

So, later in the day, Mommy put the big cardboard playhouse together and we all got busy coloring it. Xia admires the house all put together and Mommy is just amazed she was able to do it without Daddy's help!


A view inside:


Xia peeks out of a window!


A view of the whole thing:


Busy coloring, LOTS to color!

We also broke open the new Play Doh set and had fun with the refrigerator and other stuff in there.

After that, we were done and very tired. It was an early night for everyone and a VERY blessed Christmas!!

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