Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Am I Helping Daddy Play His Guitar?

Or does it seem like I'm making it more difficult for him? Doesn't matter, we all had fun anyway...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Quiz for Mommy

Which Office Character Are You?

You are Pam. You are sweet and likable, but your shyness makes it hard for you to express yourself sometimes. Regardless, you are always there for your friends and will usually come out of your shell to help anyone.
Find Your Character @

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mommy took another quiz...

Which Peanuts Character Are You?

You are part Charlie Brown. You are always optimistic and persistent, and everyone appreciates your simple sweetness. Sometimes, however, your anxieties get the best of you, and life's mysteries can confuse you.
You are part Sally Brown. You may not be the most ambitious person, but life isn't supposed to be hard! You are relaxed and easy-going, but you can hold your ground when you want, too.
Find Your Character @

Fun with an Exercise Ball

It was a VERY hot and humid week we just had - lots of rain too. I was very happy to get out and about this weekend. Just the basic running of errands and church on Sunday. Since we were all dressed nicely on Sunday and it was pretty out in our yard - so green from all the rain - we took some photos. Do you see how Mommy's hair keeps getting shorter and shorter? That's because I LOVE to pull it :-)

Mommy has started exercising with me because it's the only way she can fit it in. She has done Mommy and Baby Yoga that she got from the library, and she pulled out her exercise ball - now THAT thing is A LOT of fun, as you can see:

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bad Hair and a Cat Show

Boy, the weeks just fly by. I don't know if I told you yet, but I'm becoming very good at eating my cereal, fruits and some veggies. This weekend I tried green beans for the first time - not a big fan. In fact, I find myself gagging on them quite frequently. I can only imagine what peas will be like. Mommy makes my food and she made up peas, green beans and plums this weekend. Here's everything I've tried to date:
rice cereal
oatmeal cereal
sweet potatoes
butternut squash
green beans

Since my hair is getting a bit longer, I have some crazy bed head moments in the morning or upon waking from a nap. Here are some shots from a recent bad hair moment. The first one its hard to see because of the dark backgroud. If you click on the picture you'll see it bigger, which might help:

On Saturday 8/18/07 we went to the Lancaster Host Resort to see a big Cat Show. We didn't take any pictures up close because we didn't want to upset a cat about to be shown. But here are 2 shots of all of us from the 2nd level. One note, an excited, squealing baby is not good during judging - stay back! Boy, did we get some glares LOL But other people were really nice and let me see their beauties up close and everything. Personally, I think Annie and Herbie have them all beat!

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Weekend Home

We had a nice relaxing weekend at home. Just your general chores on Saturday and church on Sunday. My Godparents (Sadie and Phil) and Godsister (Alison) spent Sunday afternoon with us. Luckily, I woke up from a long nap before they all left.

To keep me from crawling all over on Saturday, Daddy brought out the Plasma Ball:

The heat wave left over the weekend and I was actually able to wear an outfit from Grammy to church that has been hanging in the closet for awhile:

Hmmm, looking a little squinty-eyed here. We went to the 8:30am mass, so I wasn't fully awake I think.

Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm 7 months old!

That's right! Yesterday was 8/5/07 which made me exactly 7 months old. Mommy could not get a picture with my legs straight out - so this will have to do. Seems I'm growing off the quilt now...

Just to keep it in perspective - here I was at 2 weeks old - growing pretty well - aren't I!!!

Sunday in Pittsburgh

Our last day was Sunday. We went to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in the morning. What a beautiful, BIG, church:

Then I played a little more with Kira and Marlon. Boy did I have fun with them ALL weekend. Mommy and Daddy were hoping they could come home with us to keep me occupied 24/7. Made their job a lot easier:

After our good-byes, we got back on the turnpike for the LONG ride home. I required a lengthy rest stop after some screaming in the car. I didn't think my parents were going to make it to the stop - it's a harrowing experience to have a baby screaming in the back seat, having no where to pull over, and being at the mercy of the next rest stop! Once I finally got there, I had a fine time entertaining the people entering the place:

We made it home safe and sound with no other long outbursts from me.

Visit to Pittsburgh and Kennywood

We went to visit Aunt Paula, cousins Kira and Marlon and Grandma in Pittsburgh this past weekend. My Mommy and aunt Paula's childhood friend, Chelsea, also came from Philadelphia. It was a lot of fun!

We left Friday morning (8/3/07). Here I am sitting in a restaurant highchair for the first time at a stop on the turnpike:

Boy was I tired by the time we finally made it to Pittsburgh. It was about 3pm. It's not much fun sitting backwards in a car seat all that way:

On Saturday, we went to Kennywood. An amusement park in Pittsburgh. Here are Chelsea, Marlon, Kira and Paula on a ride in Kiddyland:

I enjoyed the fountain during dinner in the park. Notice my Daddy's awesome Residents t-shirt?:

Go Barnstormers!

The Barnstormers are the local minor league baseball team here in Lancaster PA. We got some free tickets and went last Wednesday night (8/1/07). My parents aren't big baseball fans, but we did have fun walking around and taking it all in.

Here I am sitting in the stands with Daddy:

Here I am with a view of the field below:

And here I am at the merry-go-round:

I was quite interactive watching it go round:

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Love to Splash in my Pool

We finally got to try out my pool last Sunday 7/29/07. Mommy donned her bathing suit and all. After the photo and movie clip, I actually found a great splashing position. On my belly leaning over Mommy's leg. Boy was I going to town then. Ah, the summer days...

First a photo:

And a video clip:

I'm Standing...

With a little help from the couch. This was last Saturday 7/28/07. I didn't quite understand why Mommy was so freaked out. Well, first she was so excited, but then she went on and on about gates and childproofing and stuff I didn't understand. Oh well, it's all fun to me as you can see:

Looking Cute in Gingham

Mommy and Daddy couldn't resist picking up a good deal at Costco - a green and white checked gingham onesie/dress. It's cool, it's a onesie with a dress panel on the front. Comfort and style together at last. Here's a shot of me in it last Saturday 7/28/07:

Daddy Rubbing Scruffy Chin On Me

I sure do enjoy a good rub of Daddy's scruffy chin:

Watching Herbie Chase a Laser

I had fun on Tuesday 7/24/07 watching Herbie chase a laser around the kitchen floor. See for yourself: