Thursday, April 24, 2008

Check Up

I had my 15 month well baby (or I guess toddler) checkup yesterday. I'm lucky to be a very healthy girl. I am now 31 and 3/4 inches long - look out 3 feet, here I come. Very tall! Wonder where that comes from? And I am now 22lbs and 2 oz. Just right they said. I'm walking better every day and saying more and more words here and there. Or at least attempting the start of words. So, there you have it, God has blessed me with good health!

Fun Times at the Quarryville Library

I have been traveling down to the Quarryville Library for a couple of months now for their Parent-Child Workshops. See their calendar if you'd like to join in the fun. Daddy and I get to play together for an hour once a week with other parents and kids. It's a lot of fun and they have THE BEST TOYS!! Here are some pics from yesterday's trip.

I spend most of my time in the kitchen area. Here I am at the stove/sink area with the spatula:

Next, I sit down for my hotdog and fries (hmmm, Mommy can tell that Daddy helped with THIS meal). Notice I still reign queen of the spatulas:

Should I put mustard or ketchup on this lovely hotdog? No, I will not turn over the spatula. Note my death grip!

Ahh, a feast for a queen. Note the spatula has not gone far as I ponder whether or not this is a strawberry or a tomato and if it will taste good in my drink...:

Okay, now I've moved on to the long blue tube. This is a right of passage that all participants must pass through in order to enjoy this kingdom of toys. Not really, but it makes it sound important, doesn't it?

Ha, ha, ha, no blue tube has ever stopped me before! See my prowess as I skillfully maneuver through its cunning architecture:

Lastly, I enjoy time pushing cars, trucks and other moving objects through the kingdom. After exiting the blue tube, I have become a giant as I walk on the kingdom. They are lucky as I have forgotten my spatula, leaving me defenseless...

Xia Style

Haven't done a Xia style post for awhile. Here I am modeling my church outfit for Sunday 4/20/08. This is a great little number I got for Christmas from Great Aunt Pat and Great Uncle John Lutz. I think I'm ready to send in my entry for America's Next Top Model.

Having Fun with a Balloon

Who knew a balloon could make such a comfortable seat? Here I am enjoying my new "seat" while watching Clifford. I was bouncing up and down before Mommy started the video, but, as usual, once she started recording, I stopped bouncing. Oh well, at least you get to see me signing dog (tapping on my leg with my hand):

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've Got a New Do

Hairdo that is. Taking a cue from my good friend Kylie, Mommy gave me 2 pony tails today. We'll see how long I leave these in today...

Fun Kit from the Bookmobile Collection

Mommy came home with this great Dressing Skills Kit from the Bookmobile's Collection on Monday. It has some shoes you can lace, a pair of pants with zipper, snap and belt, a button shirt, a snap shirt, and cool little book. And everything was inside of a super-stylish plastic clear backback!I sure do have fun playing with this:

I like to wear the pants on my arm. They have a nice fit. And didn't I tell you the backpack is the latest in fashion? (Oh, and you're hearing Baby Einstein World Animals on the TV in the background - another goodie from a library):

Be sure to find goodies like this at a local library near you!

First Trip to Hershey Park

I made my first trip to Hershey Park on Saturday 4/12/08. Unfortunately, Mommy had to stay home with the flu. Daddy wasn't feeling too great, he was just getting over it. And, as it turns out, I was starting to get it, but we didn't know until we got there. So, here I am looking less than thrilled near the great Comet coaster:

Hey, how come I don't get a great wagon with cupholders like Kylie!?

YAAWWWN, are we almost done yet?

Oh, here comes someone to brighten my day:

Hmmm, are you laughing at my expense or just admiring at how darn cute I am wearing Mr. Monkey? And no, your antics are not swaying me to be your girlfriend!

I really did have fun and hope we ALL get to go back again when we're all feeling healthy!

Mommy's Sandals Make Great Bracelets

Last Thursday (4/10/08), I discovered that Mommy's sandals make the most wonderful bracelets. Don't you think so?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Blog Has Been Compromised by Lolcats!!

For those of you that are fans of, take a look at this! It seems they have overtaken my blog!! Actually, it's just a generating site that uses the speak of icanhas to morph a site into that language. Pretty cute!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Watch and Smile

Mommy posted something on her work blog that she'd like to share with all of you. It will make you smile, so check it out!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm Fifteen Months Old!

This is not one of my better pictures, but I really did not feel like lying down with legs straight out for it. Mommy insisted and this is what you get LOL. Now that I'm walking, I don't like to be in one place very long, you know?

So, I'm still getting taller. Most people think I'm 2 years or older because of that. I'm doing very well walking, though still lose my balance occasionally. I'll know my exact height and weight next week at my well baby check up and will let you know the results. I can say a bunch of words now, bye-bye, uh-oh, up, mama, daddy, and things that sound like bubble, balloon - I pretty much try to repeat words people say. I carry on babbling conversations with myself all day long, so I guess I'm verbal like my Mommy. My baby signing is very good now too. Learning more words all the time. My hair is getting long and I'm getting some molars in on the bottom right side of my mouth (ouch!). That's about it for now...

Happy Birthday Eli and Kylie!

My good friend Eli and Kylie had a birthday party on Monday 4/7/08. I had a lot of fun at the party. Here they are with the big pinata (though you can't see Kylie too well). Eli turned 4 and Kylie turned 2.

They have a trampoline outside and Daddy and I had a lot of fun on that!

I also had fun bouncing around in this:

Trip home

On Thursday 4/3/08 (Mommy's 39th bday :-)), we piled into our car and drove out to the western side of the state. We stayed overnight at Aunt Paula's and Grandma was there too. Then, on Friday 4/4/08, Mommy and Daddy went to the Catholic Media Conference in Steubenville OH at Franciscan University. This was a great conference on sharing the Catholic faith through Web2.0 technologies. Mommy was very excited to get to meet some of the podcasters she listens to from SQPN.

From left we have George Leite from Catholic Rockers Podcast, Dr. Paul Camarata from the Saintcast (neurosurgeon by day, podcaster when time!), Father Roderick Vonhogen from the Daily Breakfast and Catholic Insider and more, Greg and Jennifer Willits from the Rosary Army and That Catholic Show (awesome video podcast), Fr. Bill Kessler from the Technopriest (can only see top of head), and Fr. Seraphim Beshoner from Catholic Under the Hood.

Here's Mommy with Jennifer and Greg Willits. Can you tell she's a big fan? You can see it in her eyes...

And here's Mommy and Daddy with Fr. Roderick. He's the one who started SQPN and gave the keynote at the conference.

You should check out some of those links and listen to the great stuff available! These podcasts really minister to Mommy and have deepened her faith.

So, Mommy and Daddy stayed in Steubenville overnight and came back to Paula's place late Saturday night. I did really well for the first time overnight without them. I played a lot with my cousins Kira and Marlon. I was in good hands. They missed me terribly!

Here we are on Sunday morning before driving all the way back home. It's Aunt Paula, Mommy and me and Grandma. Sure do wish we all lived closer together!

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Grammy had a birthday on Sunday 4/6/08. I gave her our card early on Monday 3/31/08 since we were going to be out of town. I even drew some scribbles on the card for her. She loved it, of course!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's 2008

If you would like to see some Amazing News Mommy discovered recently, check out her work blog post here.

Did you know pens also make great nose scratchers? LOL - April Fool's! Though I fell for the joke at first:

As for the past week, I don't have any amazing news. But we do have a mystery we are trying to solve at home. We found the following 3 little bunnies on our doorstep on Easter Sunday. Very cute and nice candy coated chocolate chips were found inside their little eggs. We are afraid to eat any of these until we find out who left these precious things at our door. So, if you're reading this and you left these for us, please let us know. And THANK YOU. What a cute surprise:

Here's a shot of me with the cuties after church on Sunday 3/30/08:

And here I am trying to eat a plastic egg, hmmm, guess they aren't like the real thing:

Mommy went to a retreat on Saturday 3/29/08 and when Daddy and I came to pick her up, one of the nice people there gave me this cool balloon. I'm having a lot of fun with it!

Last, but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Godfather, Phil!! Would you like to meet Phil? See him in action here (these videos give you a feel for the wonderful person that he is - aren't I lucky?):