Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday April 16, 2009

Isa here to tell you the antics of our family on Thursday 4/16/09. I have taken to the magic pillow just like Xia did when she was my age. I hang out on it a lot, it's quite comfortable:

Daddy also has a knack of calming me down as you can see in this video:

And here is Mommy with me in the Moby wrap trying to catch up on email (and not having much success!!):

Lastly, here is my silly sister making her scowley face - her latest expression:

Xia Loves Play Dough

On Wed 4/15/09, Grandma and I had a blast playing with some new playdough and toys given to me by my second cousins on Easter:

Daddy Sleeps with Xia

Xia here. Before Isa was born, I upgraded from my toddler bed to a twin bed. On Monday 4/13/09 I got up early in the morning from a nightmare, so Daddy came in bed with me to calm me down. Then he fell asleep. This is what Mommy saw when she woke up...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

What a wonderful Easter we had on Sunday 4/12/09. The day started out with Xia checking her basket and having an Easter egg hunt in the house (Isa is a little young yet to play along...). Hey, the Easter Bunny left her bunny ears!:

Oooh, lots of M&Ms and stickers in the eggs...

Mommy got a shower to get ready for church. She was worried about us all getting ready and out the door in time to get to church pretty early as Bishop Kevin Rhodes of the Harrisburg Diocese was going to be the Celebrant at mass. Here she is feeding Isa after her shower:

She got Xia in her great Easter dress (another awesome hand-me-down from Angela!). After some photos of Isa, it was time to get her dressed. Unfortunately, all of her pretty dresses, though newborn, were just too big. So she wore her preemie fleece all-in-one with feet deal:

Daddy was looking spiffy too, with a little help with his buttons from Xia:

Xia had some fun stepping on the eggs to open them:

Then it was off to church. What a BEAUTIFUL Easter celebration with the Bishop. The music was incredible, the flowers were amazing, it was a very uplifting service. We made it early and got our seats:

Isa is still not a fan of her car seat:

Luckily, we stayed long enough afterwards to spend some time with Bishop Rhodes. He even gave Isa a special blessing!:

And a family picture with him too:

After mass, it was off to Willow Valley to have Easter dinner and spend time with the family. Great Grandmom does this for us every year. Here is a pic with Grammy and Grandy:

And 3 generations:

And the Mahoneys meeting Isa for the first time:

Aunt Kathy played the piano while we all danced:

Then it was off to another egg hunt in the courtyard:

Brigid and Claire play with a pinwheel:

A stop to look at some Easter decorations and reflections in the mirror:

And then off to Great Grandmom's apartment to open our eggs and hang out:

It was a day full of love, family and celebration of Christ's Resurrection!

Friday April 10, 2009

Friday 4/10/09 was a very busy day. Grandma, Mommy, Xia and Isa went for a walk to Stoner Park at mid-morning. Isa was in the sling and Xia in the stroller. Here are some pics from the trip. First, Xia slides:

Next, Xia climbs:

Xia hangs out with Grandma:

Isa hangs out in the sling:

Later in the afternoon, our friend Doug came over for a visit. Here he is holding Isa for the first time:

Grandma took a turn:

Then it was time to get busy and dye some eggs!! Okay, the tablets are all in...

Stirring them up:

Adding the vinegar...

Drop the eggs in...

Play with spoons while we wait...

Then put on the wacky eyes and mouth stickers:

Posing with the finished products:

Then Grandma had a great idea of what to do with all the leftover dye - paint with it using Q-tips - OF COURSE!!

What a fun day!

Wednesday April 8, 2009

Here are some photos and video from Wed 4/8/09.

First, a picture of Isa in her pappasan:

2 more shots of a sleeping Isa:

Here's a picture of Mommy holding Isa and hey, her eyes are open!:

And some photos and video of Isa and Xia on the playmat - too cute: