Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Dress for All Occasions

Daddy found this pretty dress for me awhile back at a yard sale (of course). Finally, it was warm enough on Sunday 5/25/08 for me to wear it to church. Turns out it's comfortable enough to wear all day...

After church getting ready to go grocery shopping (see Mommy getting the coupons together in the back?):

While playing with my stuffed animals:

While torturing Herbie:

And just being all in-your-face cute!

A Day at the Boat

On Saturday 5/24/08, we all went down to Amanda's parents' boat near Baltimore. You know, Amanda is Mike's wife and they have those great kids/friends of mine - Eli and Kylie. Mommy took a bunch of cool pictures of the day but mistakenly deleted them. However, she's trying to find a free way to recover them from her photo card - so far she's found one solution that costs $40, so hopefully she'll find a free hack or something. If she does, we'll update this post with the photos.

Luckily, she did not delete the movies of the day! Here are Kylie and I, we are becoming great friends as you can see:

Here I am catching fish with Daddy:

And then Kylie and I enjoy touching the fish and splashing ourselves silly. Don't worry, no fish were harmed in the filming of this scene and all were thrown back in the bay :-)

Shake Your Maracas

Mommy did a bunch or workshops across the state of PA about Spanish Outreach in Libraries. She just finished her last one - yeah! She and her co-presenter used these maracas to signal the beginning and ending of group exercises and breaks. Now they are mine! So, here I am enjoying them immensely on Friday 5/23/08:

Wed 5/21/08 with the Zimmermans

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise in the backyard:

Daddy and I had fun shopping at the Dollar Tree. I picked out these beauties myself (I'm thinking they'll go well with the previous pink hat!):

Then, in the evening, I decided to join Mommy as she read the paper. Mommy usually likes to get it in after dinner, but she's torn because she wants to play with me too before my bedtime. So, she plopped me on her lap. I am imitating Mommy here, pointing to the stories and sharing about them like she does with Daddy, then resting my hand under my chin as she does too. Mommy was amazed at how much I pick up on watching what she and Daddy do and imitating their behavior! She said something about having to watch a little more closely what she does in front of me - what? does she think I would embarass her or something...?

Joanne turns 80!

Mommy's very good friend, Joanne, turned 80 and we went to her big bday bash on Sunday 5/18/08. I thoroughly enjoyed myself dancing on the stage (and playing with her great grandson's cute curly red hair). They had a wonderful entertainer named Sandy who sang and played the keyboard. She even sang Christmas songs for us in May! The stage was there for Joanne's amazing tap dancing that you'll see in the last clip - what an amazing and loving lady she is:

Gotta Love Those Yard Sales

It's amazing the wonderful things you can find at yard sales. Here I am on Saturday 5/17/08 - yep, I picked out this beauty all by myself. Work it!

Picked up a little Push N Go truck too:

My New Shirt from Aunt Paula

Aunt Paula bought me this cute black and white shirt with little red cherries on the left front. We had to get some photos of it. This was on Thurs 5/15/08:

I usually spend from 8am to 8:15am each morning with Mommy b4 work watching a great PBS show called Super Why! "Oooh I say, it's Wyeth!" I really dig him - he has the power to READ!

And just for fun, here's what Herbie does to hide from me since I like to play with him so much. Doesn't he realize I KNOW he's not one of my stuffed animals?

Mommy Made me Muffins

The bananas were growing ever ripe on the counter, so Mommy made me some yummy banana- blueberry muffins. She used oatbran and whole wheat flour and some kind of natural sugar she can't remember the name of. Mommy doesn't eat any form of sugar, flour or wheat - so this was a big leap for her. Well, they turned out great.

Here I am on Monday 5/12/08 (by the way, Mommy dates stuff so that this can be my life journal in a way, don't think I'm weird with all these dates!) enjoying my mini muffins:

Oh How the Time Flies

Mommy has been very busy with work lately, so she hasn't been able to type my life here of late. So, now it's time to play mad catch up. Enjoy the next flurry of posts and sorry for the lull!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bedtime Routine

Here I am last night (Thursday 5/8/08) during storytime. There's nothing like a nice bath filled with splashing followed by putting on a new pair of pajamas with princesses on them. Then, a good read with Eric Carle who writes some of my favorite books. Last night it was The Very Busy Spider.

Here I am showing Mommy where the fly is (he's on every page until he gets caught in Spider's web).

My favorite page is the last one with the Owl who says "Whoo, Whoo" - see, I'm doing it too!

Sweet Dreams...

Annie, sweet Annie

I just don't understand why she feels the need to hide from me?...

Maybe she's just playing peek-a-boo!

Future Basketball Star?

So Mommy is tall for those of you who don't know (5'10"). Accordingly, she played some basketball when she was younger. She wasn't a star, but being tall and big, she played some good defense and made her share of baskets. We went to the park on Wed 5/7/08 and for the first time, there was not a bunch of guys playing bball. So I had fun running around the court. All indications point to tallness in my futuer. Perhaps I'll play one day? Though I love to watch the soccer when we are there too. Mommy snapped 2 photos and a video using her camera, so the quality isn't that great, but here you go anyway:

It's not THAT high:

Now just wait! Are you SURE you don't sit when making a foul shot?

She sits, she scores (arms up) - YEAH!

I'm Sixteen Months Old!

On Monday 5/5/08 I turned 16 months old. I'm learning a lot more baby signs lately and they sure do come in handy when I'm trying to communicate as I don't speak a lot of words yet. But boy do I try. I say Momma and Dada sometimes Daddy and Baby and the beginning of bottle. I'm very good at saying no, my favorite word and up, my second favorite. I understand quite a bit and am told I'm a good listener. My hair is getting longer as am I! Now I'm wearing 2T and 3Ts depending and my feet are like a 51/2 to 6. Big girl! I'm a good eater for the most part, not too picky and Mommy hopes I stay that way. She makes most of my food. Well, that's the latest in my growth for ya.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bye Bye Extended Peeps

On Monday 5/5/08 I had to say good-bye to my aunt, cousins and grandma. We had a fun weekend together. They had come to go to the Fairie Festival nearby. Too bad I couldn't go with them, but too many First Communions going on! We had such a nice time hanging out:

Here I am with Marlon (here's wearing his Spryte horns (or ears?) but you can't see them well in the picture:

And here I am with pretty Kira:

Here they all are right before they had to leave:

Lastly, just me being my silly self. Mommy said this is the best "personality" photo taken to date. She keeps saying something like "She's not my baby anymore, I have a toddler on my hands now". That must be a good thing, right?

And a last too cute to not post shot:

Maryam's First Communion

Sunday 5/4/08 was another day of celebrating First Communions. My friend Maryam celebrated her first communion during mass that day. Here is her wonderful family:

After mass, Mommy got to ride in the back seat of our Hyundai Tiburon with me (not easy for a 5'10" woman in a skirt and heels - it is a 2 door coupe - yeah, the 'rents bought it when they thought they couldn't have kids, but they own it now, so we deal!) I entertained myself by trying to swallow her water bottle whole (don't worry, no choking hazard, I was supervised!):

Maryam had such a pretty dress:

And her tiera/veil was what her Mommy wore for her wedding - how cool is that!

My favorite part of the day was playing on their sliding board in the back yard:

What a fun, and exhausting day of celebrating Jesus with so many awesome people!

A Busy Saturday!

Saturday 5/3/08 was a busy day for us. Mommy woke up early and hit 2 big neighborhood garage sales. She found this great little tea set for me that had never been opened. Seems she enjoys playing with it more than I do!

Then it was off to church for Alison's first communion (my GodSister). What a big, exciting day for her and for us to be able to witness it. I guess I have about 6 years to wait until my turn:

Then, my aunt Paula, cousins Kira and Marlon and Grandma came Saturday evening. Here's a picture of them recovering from the long drive:

Boy it's always so good to see them in person! I love playing with my cousins. Finally, Kira read my favorite book (for this week), Chicka Chicka Boom Boom before I went to bed. She's a great reader.

National Day of Prayer 2008

Has it really already been a year since the last NDP? On Thursday 5/1/08 we went to the annual National Day of Prayer concert at Long's Park. It was wonderful to see so many people gathering to pray for local government, leaders, our nation and the world.

I made friends with a wonderful dog named Lulu. She was so friendly:

Here are some shots of me in the crowd. I pretty much stopped and waved at anyone no matter what was going on. People got a kick out of this:

This was the first time I got on Daddy's shoulders. I loved it!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Playgroup at Long's Park

Oh I had so much fun last Sunday (4/27/08) at Long's Park with my Playgroup. Although it wasn't sunny, at least it didn't rain.

Here we are playing with a great big pink ball:

Hey Nathan, can I have a turn?

Here Alleha, you can play with this ball:

Or maybe I'll just run away with it myself on second thought:

Okay everybody, like, check it out, I like found these like awesome sunglasses yard saling yesterday. I've like totally got my 80s groove on:

New members of the group Leslie with her 5 month old, Van. Sooo cute!

Leslie brought along her friend and her daughter Zoe, another cutie:

Cherie looks like she's about to sneeze as she holds Ava:

We ALL loved the bubbles Huong and Alleha brought with them:

Before we left the park, we took a little walk near the pond. Daddy made a tree snow petals on me - wheeee

Yard Sale Season is Back!

Whoo-hoo, the yard sales are back. Mommy, Daddy and I all went to a great big one in one of those fancy developments last Saturday (4/26/08). I picked up some nice t-shirts and shorts for the coming summer. I also got 3 FREE stuffed animals. I have learned I have the power to be given stuff for free. Hey, I'm a superhero, I mean this is an awesome power. I go pick up a toy I really want and I hug and kiss it and BINGO, the sales person says "Oh, you are so cute, you can just have that for free, you don't have to pay for it". Wow, it happened at 2 different spots. Mommy even tried to offer something and they wouldn't take it. She's going to take me to Costco this Saturday and let me hug and kiss a big HDTV (oh, she was just kidding). I also picked up some GORGEOUS purses that you really must see:

Here's a sweet pink number that dangles nicely from my wrist:

Another view with the pink purse. This outfit is from my good friend Angela. I get the best stuff from her:

Of course, this cannot be complete without one of my closeups:

And a video of me with the purses. You can see another sparkly pink one and a nice metal mini suitcase. Because I wanted to sit on Mommy's lap while she was doing this, you mostly see the back of my head!

Happy yardsaling!

Mommy Almost Meets Richard Dreyfuss

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