Friday, September 26, 2008

Masterpiece in Progress

Is that not a great name for a book? Here I am enjoying Jeff Steinberg's great book. You can get one too - right here.

The B-boy Stance

The b-boy stance is when you stand with your arms folded and to the side, which was a popular stance in 80s hip-hop. Ahhh, the good ol' days of hip-hop. No one ever taught this to me, so it must be in my genes (Mommy enjoyed this music). By the way, I'm wearing Grammy's shoes! Yes, I DO love to put on big people shoes - Mommy's always trying to find her shoes these days...

A Visit to Willow Valley's Courtyard

I went to visit Great Grandmom on Wed 9/24/08 with Grammy. I had a lot of fun out in the courtyard since it was such a nice day:

Fun with a Shirt

I guess I'm at that age where taking off one's clothes is a lot of fun. Just the fact that I can do it is such an accomplishment, don't you think? However, putting them back on is an entirely different story... (these shots are from Tuesday 9/23/08):

A Hot Dog and S'more Roast

We had a lot of fun on Saturday 9/20/08. Our church's Mother's Group all got together at one of the family's homes for a hot dog and s'more roast. There were lots of kids and it was nice for Mommy to get to meet everyone as she really only interacts with the group's online portion since they meet during the daytime when she works. This was a family event with Dad's invited too, so we all went. There was even a pinata! I had the most fun on the playset using the slide.

I was a little afraid to get too close to all of the bat swinging at the pinata, so I watched from a distance:

Here were the bigger kids going at it:

And a video when it FINALLY opened (with parental intervention - there were 3 paper grocery bags in there, so they had to tear it open!):

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jeff Steinberg is Daddy's New Friend

Daddy likes to collect old records from 2nd hand stores. One day he stumbled on an old album from the 70s by Jeff Steinberg (aka TinyGIANT - read his story - he's amazing). He continued to find more records by him and then recently got to see him perform and give his testimony at a church in York County. He got to talk to him for quite some time after the event and Jeff was amazed that Daddy had his old records. He went to see him again in the Harrisburg area, and then, last week, Jeff came and hung out at our house. He's a great guy and we might see him again this week.

He gave Daddy some of his CDs and here are two pics of me on Tuesday 9/9/08 showing the wares:

Hey, it's my 2nd cousin, Rachel!

So Mommy finally figured out today that her and Daddy's cousins kids are actually my 2nd cousins - NOT my cousins-once-removed. So she'll put that correctly from now on (unlike many previous posts).

On Sunday 9/7/08 (yes, that was a busy day), we finally got to meet my 2nd cousin Rachel Zimmerman. She is the daughter of Andrew (Daddy's cousin) and Susan. We had a blast playing together. I guess this is good practice of what's to come for me...

Hey, she eats her toys just like I used to:

I REALLY wanted to play with that Elmo in a boat toy...

We loved the big bear with a red bow and a jingle bell inside his tail:

A video of Rachel and me trying to get the bear out of her high chair:

Rachel is too cute playing:

Mommy had to take her turn, practice for the future...

And a shot of the happy family:

Church Carnival

Our church had their yearly carnival on Sat and Sun 9/6 and 9/7. Sound Doctrine sang on Sunday 9/7 and here are some pictures. It was great weather and a lot of fun. I even won some prizes!

I'm their #1 fan!

Geez, isn't that kinda loud!?

Hi Mommy!

We Have Pumpkins!

After the tree fell down in March, we decided the empty space left right smack in the front yard would be a perfect place for this year's pumpkin patch. Daddy has tried to grow pumpkins the last couple of years as he did so all the time as a kid. Last year we got 2 pumpkins. This year, we got three and some are BIG. It's quite a conversation piece in the neighborhood. Here are some shots from Sunday 9/7/08:

Wow, this is the big one:
Here's the medium one:And here's a smaller one:
And a shot of me and Mommy:

I'm Twenty Months Old

It's all verbal now baby! Lots of words, less sign. I love being able to communicate with so many words now. It makes Mommy and Daddy's lives easier too - except when they don't understand me - boy do I get frustrated sometimes. I'm becoming quite the toddler these days and like to express my individuality. I'm not always quite as willing to just go with the flow you see, I'm developing a flow of my own. It's making life more interesting, but at this point, Mommy and Daddy have to look away and hide their smiles and snickers when I throw a fit on the floor. I guess they still think it's kinda cute.

Mommy couldn't decide which picture to use, so here are all 3 of them:

Monday, September 15, 2008

11 Weeks and Counting

We went to our first ultrasound for my baby brother or sister on Tuesday 9/2/08. Here he/she is at 11 weeks. Everything is looking good, though Mommy would love for the nausea to be over...

Visit to Pittsburgh

Mommy had to do some workshops out in the Pittsburgh area on August 28th and 29th and Daddy and I came along. On Friday 8/29, we went to Aunt Paula's NEW home in Pittsburgh. It's really great and next to this wonderful park. Here are some pictures of cousins Kira and Marlon and I at the park on Saturday 8/30/08...

I go down the slide with Kira:

Mommy remembers pushing Kira in a swing when she was my size; now SHE's pushing ME!

Swinging Kira:

Marlon jumping from a swing, he's quite the acrobat. Reminds Mommy a lot of Aunt Paula as a kid...

I'm just having fun watching all of their antics from my swing:

Here's more gymnastic moves by Marlon:

We sure had a fun visit!

More Proof of my Love of Punk Rock

Yet another video of me dancing to some of Daddy's Punk Music on Tuesday 8/26/08:

Squirrel Hangin' on a Limb

Daddy and I were amazed to look out the back window and see this squirrel laid out on a tree limb. It's hard to tell, but he's just laying on his belling with front and back legs dangling. Had to get a picture. This was taken Monday 8/25/08:

First Trip to the Beach

On Saturday 8/23/08, Mommy, Daddy and I all drove down to Rehoboth DE to spend the day at the beach. We went to the house of one of Daddy's high school friends, Missy. Also, Daddy's good friend, Doug, and his daughter, Katherine, drove down too. Some other friends of Missy came too, so it was a big group of us that went to the beach. Luckily we got a really nice day.

I discovered I like the sand A LOT, but I'm not a big fan of the ocean at this point. It was okay to go in the water if Mommy or Daddy held me, but I sure didn't want to put my own feet down in it.

Here I am having a fine time in the sand:

Katherine loves the sand even more than me and the water too!

More random shots of me, Mommy couldn't get enough of me in my suit and hat:

Finally, a chance in Mommy's chair:

Then we cruised along the boardwalk. I had a lot of fun at the carnival there. Daddy took me on a fast car ride. Only problem, is we didn't see how fast it went until we were on it. Yikes! Most of the ride I spent buried against Daddy with one eye peeking out, but I stuck it out and didn't even cry or scream. Though you could tell I was pretty scared. Lesson learned, watch a ride the whole time through before sticking me on it guys!! Don't know if you'll be able to find me in the rush, but Daddy and I are in one of the cars...

Then I took a turn at the Duck Pond and won a beautiful butterfly...

All in all a great first trip to the beach!