Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm So Tired...

Yesterday, Tuesday 2/24/09, my friends Mark and Leah came over to visit and play. We had so much fun and I wore myself out. I had a late lunch and as you can see from this video, I was SO READY for my nap!!

This and That

Just some random photos from the past week for your viewing pleasure.

First a snuggle with Daddy on Friday 2/20/09. Note, I began sleeping in my toddler bed (out of the crib) on Sunday 2/15/09. You can see my first falling out of bed boo boo on my nose in this photo:

Here I am on Saturday 2/21/09 putting my turtle neck back on. I love undressing and redressing myself multiple times during the day:

And here are two shots of me talking to Mommy on the phone while she was at work on Monday 2/23/09. I love to check in with her when I can and it always makes her day!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fun playing with Ava

I had a playdate with my good friend Ava on Sunday 2/15/09. In this video you can see the fun time we had counting, running and falling. You can see Ava's mommy, Cherie, who is also pregnant. They found out Ava is going to have a little sister too - yeah!

Clever and Cute

I think this t-shirt speaks for itself:

Can you see what's different in this picture? (answer below):

That's right - Dora slippers! (Thanks Angela for the cool shirt and slippers). Pics taken Saturday 2/14/09.

Silly Sticker Nose

Just two funny pictures of me with a smiley sticker on my nose taken on Thursday 2/12/09.

Stop in the name of love:

Cross-eyed girl:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just 6 1/2 More Weeks...

So I'll be a big sister to Isa in a little over 6 weeks. It just hit Mommy today that she really hasn't taken a belly shot yet (she has TONS of them from when she was pregnant with me). I guess it's true what they say about the 2nd child getting jipped in pictures. So here is a shot of her taken this morning at about 34 weeks:

I Know Who the President Is

Mommy and Daddy were watching Obama's speech on TV the other night and I started saying "Obama-mama". Mommy said "What did you say?" So I said it again. This really cracked her up and she doesn't know where I picked up the name of our president except from TV background noise. Niether she nor Daddy ever particularly told me right out who the new president is. Here's a video clip proving I know who our president is:

I'm Twenty-Five Months Old!

Okay, so I'm a little late, but here's a pic of me from today, Thursday 2/12/09 - though I turned 25 months old last Thursday 2/5/09. I had my 2 year check up recently and doing well. Not as high in the height percentile as before, now in the 80s somewhere and the 60s for weight if Mommy remembers correctly.

Win an iPod Touch

And $10 worth of music. Just check out this post on Mommy Brain Reports for all of the details. But not too many of you, because Mommy really wants to win!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Sunday Morning

Yesterday, Sunday 2/8/09, it was beautiful. Very sunny and warm, in the 50s - though a bit windy. I started my morning watching a new Baby Signing Time video, "A New Day" - I really love that show. Here I am attempting the sign for day (though you can't really tell from the picture):

Mommy decided to dress me in some spring colors for church. I felt like a ballerina and decided to twirl like one:

We ended up going for a nice walk to the park after church and then I took a very long nap. It was a very nice Sunday.

Awesome Sled Riding and a Snowman!

On Saturday morning 2/7/09, Daddy and I did a little sled riding since we knew the warmer weather was coming and it could be our last chance from the big snow. Daddy is a genius. He built a ramp on the steps out the back of our screened in porch by packing a bunch of snow on them. So we start there and end up way at the end of the back yard. Mommy was bummed that she couldn't try it out, but probably not a smart thing to do at 7 months+ pregnant. Here's video of the fun:

Then, Daddy and I did our best to make a snowman. It was hard because it's very fluffy snow and doesn't pack real well. But he sure turned out cute:

Afterwards, I had some yummy hot chocolate and cuddled with Mommy to get warm:

What's so amazing, is by the end of the same day the temperature had gone up to 58 degrees and the poor snowman was almost gone!

Daddy Taunts Herbie

While Mommy and I were watching Elmo's World on Friday 2/6/09, Daddy decides to taunt Herbie. Between myself and Daddy, you wonder how he puts up with it all?!

Bead Dance

Just a random video of me from Thursday 2/5/09 running around with beads. Yes, they are in the mouth, no they shouldn't be, but here it is anyway:

What a Weird Wonderful Snow

On Tuesday night, 2/3/09, our county got the strangest snowstorm. Mommy was coming home around 9pm that evening from a rehearsal and when she drove out of the city everything was dry. Once she got about a mile from our neighborhood, she drove right into a snowstorm, whiteout! There was about 2 inches of snow on the ground. By the next morning, Wednesday 2/4/09, we had received 12" of beautiful snow. What was so strange is it only hit an 8 mile stretch in the county and everywhere else they got nothing! They said it was like a summer thunderstorm, but snow instead. The weathermen were all very excited on the news about this strange weather anomaly.

So here are Daddy and I the next morning, he had to shovel the driveway so Mommy could get to work...

Here's a shot of the back of the house:

And a picture of me sitting on the back steps:

And of course, a bunch of videos for ya:

Little Marcy Records

If you don't know by now, my Daddy likes to find obscure, unique, old Christian records and even has a blog devoted to this. One of my favorites is Little Marcy. You can read some reviews and listen to some songs and even see some videos by going here, here and here.

Here's a shot of me enjoying the entertainment on Tuesday 2/3/09!

Peek-A-Boo Paper

Last Sunday evening 2/1/09 I had fun playing peek-a-boo with Mommy as she tried to read the paper. You'd be amazed what a challenge it is for Mommy to read the paper these days. Gotta give her props for persevering!

And here I was the night before after making a mess out of the ads in the paper - our delivery person is so sweet and delivers the Sunday ads on Saturday night. Daddy decided to really let me have it with my mess LOL:

I Love Puddles!

Last Sunday, 2/1/09, it warmed up a bit and the snow started to melt. Mommy, Daddy and I went for a walk around the block. It took us over an hour because I HAD to splash in every single puddle I could find. We ended the walk in the driveway and Daddy shoveled away all the slush that had been ice. See how happy I am from all of the splashing?

Yeah, I've pretty wet too - but I got even more wet as you can see by the end of this video:

Don't worry, I just got wet, not hurt :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Xia Style

Just a few pics of my rockin' style. First, here I am on Thursday 1/29/09 sporting Daddy's Gumball hat. Gumball was a band in the 90s and Daddy was friends with their drummer:

And here I am Saturday morning 1/31/09 getting ready to go run errands with the parents. It was a sunny, COLD, day:

Poor Herbie

You see, Herbie is my playmate and I like to do all sorts of stuff with him. I guess once my sister, Isa, arrives, I will have someone who can actually (at least in time) DO the things I ask. I always ask Herbie to hold one of my toys, but he just can't make them walk around the room like I can. Anyway, like I said before, he really does put up with a lot. Here we are on Tuesday 1/27/09 on a typical afternoon at home.

Herbie is peeking!! He's always peeking at me as far as I'm concerned and it makes me laugh so hard. Here he is looking through the blanket I through over the couch to make a little tent:

Next, I asked Herbie to put a bib on so I could feed him. Hmmm, it really doesn't look like he's having very much fun:

Later that day, Daddy and I went for a walk out in the crunchy snow. A thin layer of ice had crusted over everything. I got suited up and we had a great time (even though I fell down quite a bit!):

Herbie N Boots

Here I am on Sunday 1/25/09. I tormented Herbie with a pillow for awhile. He really does put up with a lot from me, though I do wear my share of scratches for sure:

You can actually see 2 such scratches under my right eye in this photo as I model the onesie with boots look:

Oooh, they light up!

Fun with my Parachute

On Saturday 1/24/09, Mommy and I had fun putting all of my stuffed animals on my parachute. Here's what it looked like and a video of our fun: