Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We're Going on a Sleigh Ride

Xia here. On Tuesday 12/21/10, we went to the library for a great program called "Going on a Sleigh Ride". We got to choose from a bunch of different costumes to wear like fairies, raccoons, cardinals, bears and foxes. We decided, after much debate, to be bears. Then we were all called in groups of our costumes to get into the sleigh and try and get it moving, but the sleigh wouldn't move until ALL of the groups were in it. Once we were all in, it moved! Then we got to make a craft of a cardinal on a stick that we pretended to fly all around. Lots of fun...

So here are Isa and I in our bear costumes waiting for our group to be called:


C'mon Isa, they called BEARS!

Isa, get IN the sleigh... what are you doing way back there?!


Now we're singing the song trying to get the sleigh to move:

Okay, I'm so done being a bear, can I get this thing off now?


Running around the table waiting to make our craft. More and more kids join in...

Isa made a nice cardinal:


And then I had fun running with mine around the room. This got to be a bit dangerous as you can see from the collision that happened (luckily I was not involved) and Miss Mary Ann reminded us to WALK with our cardinals:

We escaped any major injuries and had a good time.

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