Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation Time - Lancaster Catholic High Carnival

It's me, Xia. Has it really been a whole year since the last Catholic High Carnival? On the evening of Monday 6/21/10 we all went to this year's carnival. It's such a great time.

Here's Isa enjoying the music from the band playing that night:

I was really excited to ride the Dumbo ride. As Daddy and I waited in line I started to feel a little anxious, so Daddy agreed to ride it with me. I enjoyed the ride until Dumbo went up in the air! Then I just buried my face against Daddy until it was over. I think I'll stick to rides that don't do that for now. This video doesn't show the part when our Dumbo went up, up, up...

Then I decided I just HAD to win a goldfish to take home with me. However, I was just whipping the ball any which way hoping it would land in a cup:

Instead, I hit the girl getting the fish out of the tank for everyone!

Finally, one of them went in and I got my prize!

Mr. Fishy is still doing well in his fish bowl at this point. Daddy kept a carnival fish alive over 3 years that he won before I was born. Hope this fish is just as lucky as most carnival fish don't make it very long!

A shot of us girls before we go home (well, excluding Mr. Fishy - though I really don't know if he's a girl or a boy anyway!):

Vacation Time - Backyard Pool

Isa here. There is nothing better than spending the day in the backyard in the pool. This was the first time I was ever in a baby pool and the first time Mommy broke it out for the year. We really enjoyed ourselves on Monday 6/21/10 - as you can see...

First we had fun watching Xia blow some bubbles. I tried too, but not the best yet:

Then we got down to business concocting specialties with our spice water and spoons. I don't know why Mommy had a problem with me sampling the final product?

We stayed in the pool most of the day:

Then Xia decided to brave the depths of the unknown with her super-sized goggles!

It was a very relaxing day for all of us. Mommy sat outside with us and caught up on a stack of newspapers. Doesn't sound like much fun to me, but she sure seemed happy about knowing what was going on in the world again. I enjoyed sitting in the chair next to her from time to time:

Vacation Time - Let's Start with Intercourse Heritage Days

Howdy, Xia here. Mommy had a week's vacation from Saturday 6/19/10 through Sunday 6/27/10. We packed a lot of activities into that week.

On Saturday 6/19/10 we went to Intercourse's Heritage Days to celebrate the 256th Anniversary of Intercourse PA. That's where Daddy grew up and where Grandy still lives. And of course the W.L. Zimmerman & Sons store is still going strong with Aunt Kris at the helm.

We really enjoyed walking around the park and were definitely in the minority compared to all of the Amish locals. Good food, good music, good people, and GREAT fireworks.

Isa and I enjoyed our ice cream very much!

Keys for the City

Lancaster is such a great place to live. This summer, Music for Everyone, a Lancaster-based non-profit charitable organization that raises money for music programs for schools and community groups throughout Lancaster County is hosting "Keys for the City", an exhibit of twenty custom-desiged pianos placed throughout the city as a once-in-a-lifetime interactive exhibit.

On Friday, 6/18/10, during "Music Friday" in downtown Lancaster, Grandy and Aunt Kathy played "Alabama Jubilee" as a father-daughter duet on one of the pianos. Check it out; they're awesome!