Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting the Perfect Shot

Here's just an example of what we go through 2x/month to get those monthly update photos. These were taken on Thursday 6/17/10, so as you can see, they aren't always done on time. Isa wanted in on the act when trying to get Xia's pic this month...

(notice how Xia STILL likes to put socks on her hands?)

St. Mary's Yearly Picnic

Oh, how we love St' Mary's Yearly Picnic. This year's was held on Sunday 6/6/10. Unfortunately, Mommy forgot to bring her camera, so she had to use her OLD cell phone, but these are better than nothing.

A big thumbs up to Maria for organizing some great toddler games (and to her helpers). Here's Xia playing spoon out an animal cracker from one bucket and run down the court to put it in another bucket:

Then there was pass the ball over your head and through your legs. Here she's thinking, "what am I supposed to do?"

And then drive the car down and around the cone and back. She loves these cars!

One of the newly catechized members was doing free caricatures. We only had time to get one for Xia and we weren't sure Isa would sit still for one...

And a shot of Daddy and Isa before we had to go:

Another great picnic with our wonderful, blessed, church family.

Zimmermans are Superheroes!!

Did you know that the Zimmerman line of blood has super powers? Uh-huh, yep, that's right, it's true. I mean the capes prove it!

Both Daddy and Xia don their capes on Saturday 6/5/10...

And later that week, on Thursday 6/10/10, Xia could be seen imparting the knowledge of said super powers to the youngest Zimmerman superhero, Isa.

You see Isa, with this spoon and fork I can defeat villains of every size, shape and kind...

Where as you, oh juice wonder girl, use the power of the juice baby bottle to defeat your foe:

Just remember, you must keep your eyes closed for the full effect of your power to be felt:

And beware, if you exhaust your juice supply, fits of laughter may overcome you which could give your assailant the upper hand. Please, try to limit these fits!!

Xia is Forty One Months Old

On Saturday 6/5/10 I turned 41 months old = 3 years and 5 months old. I'm becoming quite a good singer and have a repertoire of songs that I can sing (ABC, Twinkle, Old MacDonald, I See the Moon, Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc.)

Isa is a Climber

I keep hearing Mommy and Daddy calling me a "climber". Don't know what that means but I sure do like to pull myself onto the top of whatever is around me. Especially radiators as you can see from these pics taken Friday 6/4/10...

Uh oh, you caught me Daddy...

So, whaddya gonna do about it!?

Xia and Her Breakfast Pals

Hi, it's Xia. On Thursday 6/3/10 I just could not bear the thought of leaving all of my friends in bed for breakfast... so they joined me!

Let's see, I brought Bear, Elmo, the 2 Luck-y-loos, Horsey (which Mommy keeps saying is a giraffe), Ducky, and more...

Evening Antics

Mommy here. I have to say life is quite the whirlwind these days. Though it's a beautiful, fun, amazing time in our lives, I still can't believe how much work it is to raise children. I'm not complaining, I'm just constantly wondering how so many people have done it!!

As soon as I come home from work, it's kid central and I do love it. Here, on Tuesday 6/1/10, you can see me trying to get dinner together with both Xia and Isa clinging to each side of my legs! I mean really Xia, must you mash your head into my butt to look at Isa on the other side?!

Here's Isa peeking through:

After dinner it's play time for a bit, and then the bedtime routine begins. Here they are having their milk and oateeos. It's all worth it during these times of pure fun and joy. Just look at Isa cracking up! How can I for a moment complain about not having any time to myself anymore. I am going to enjoy this while I have it, because in the blink of an eye, they will no longer be clinging to me!

A Sunday Morning and Visit with the Volpes

Hey, Isa here. We had a busy day on Sunday 5/30/10. First, I really wanted Xia to get up and get going...

Then we got dressed to get off to church. It was a pretty warm day so I got to wear my nice summer dress:

Note the nice scratch from Herbie on my cheek? I was playing a little too rough...

And my walking is really getting much better...

After mass we went to visit the Volpes. So good to see everyone.

Here's Silas:

Xia had lots of fun in their backyard with Gianna:

Isa is Fourteen Months Old

On Sunday 5/30/10 I hit the 14 month mark. I'm saying more and more words and really starting to walk. Plus I've got lots of hair!

Isa, Isa, Isa

Here are some shots of Isa taken Saturday 5/29/10.

What, more pics of me?!!

Here, why don't you just let me play with that?

Oh alright, is this a smile?

It's Alive!

We love using Target laundry baskets to hold all of the toys. Much easier to use than a big wooden toy chest. Plus, you can freak out little girls and watch them try to figure out how these things can seem to grow before your eyes!!

Those Volpe Kids

We sure do love our good friends, the Volpes. Heather and Jim are Isa's Godparents, so they are a God family to all of us. Now, Mommy and Daddy are going to be Silas' Godparents, so it's just God family all around!

Here are some beautiful pics they sent to us on Friday 5/28/10:

Maryam and Silas:

Isaac and Silas:

Gianna and Silas:

Jim and Silas:

Well, you'd sleep too after all of that family love and attention!!

Wednesday May 26, 2010

Here's a pic of Xia eating a very blue lollipop:

And a video of Isa trying to wake up Xia: