Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mommy has a Moment

Look at Mommy! She's been featured on WebJunction's Spanish Outreach page.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Family Picnic at Susquehannock Park

On Sunday I attended my first Zimmerman family Susquehannock Picnic. Every year since my Daddy was little, the family gathers in the fall at beautiful Susquehannock Park. Mommy remembers being quite pregnant last year:

Here are some beautiful photos and video of the day. It was HOT and sunny, strange weather for October. This is why the leaves aren't as pretty and colorful as usual.

Grandy, Daddy and Me - I REFUSE to wear socks and shoes and take great joy in pulling them off as soon as they are put on! Mommy tries to find REAL buckles on shoes, but it's all velcro out there!

Great Grandmom (aka MomMom) and Aunt Kathy. Note this was quite a walk to get to the overlook and Great Grandmom only required Mommy's arm to get there - she's in her 80s! What an inspiration:

Great Uncle Bill and Aunt Joanne:

Grammy and Aunt Kris (by the way, Grammy just returned from a 7 week trip across the US in her RV - WOW!)

My cousin once-removed, Nate:

Daddy and me with the view behind and Aunt Kris:

A video of the view and me playing with Aunt Kris' camera:

More of the view as my cousin once-removed, Stephanie, and her husband Kelly play with my cute little feet:

I play with a cute little doggie:

Mommy and me in the leaves:

And a video clip as we play in the leaves:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

On Suandy 10/14/07, I conked out on the way home from church. Rather than risk a wake-up, I got to take my nap in my car seat. Come on, you other parents, you know you've done this before! Mommy and Herbie joined me for part of my nap. Though Mommy actually woke up as Daddy sneaked the picture.

And just so you all don't think my family is a bunch of lazy bums, we all went to the Lancaster Junction Trail when we woke up and took a 5 mile walk! It was a beautiful fall day and Mommy forgot her camera... We saw billy goats, and chickens, and deer along the way. It was almost like a trip to the zoo.

Vacuum Entertainment

What's so great about being a baby is that the most ordinary things of the world are a great excitement. Take your everyday vacuum cleaner, for example. My parents were quite entertained to see me watch Daddy vacuum the entire living and dining room areas on Saturday 10/13/07 (see, it's great to have people over to your house cause it makes you clean!). At times, you would have thought I was watching a tennis match. My Mommy likes seeing the world through my eyes. I've heard her say it's one of the greatest gifts of having a child. Nothing is ordinary any more...

A Visit from the Crosslands

I had a fun playdate on Sunday 10/13/07 with Kaden Crossland. Mommy works with his Mommy, Grisely. His Daddy is Randy. We all had a lot of fun hanging out on Saturday afternoon. He's almost 1 1/2 years old, so a lot further along than I am. I must admit I am quite jealous of his walking abilities. Don't worry, it won't be long now, I'm cruising along quite well these days, sometimes holding on with one hand only.

Mommy broke out the playhut again. She had put it away after seeing it take up the whole living room for a couple of days. But, she couldn't resist bringing it out again after awhile into Kaden's visit. Again, a true hit!

Here is Kaden playing with my little piano (which is actually on loan from Angela).

Here are the Crosslands. Randy was amazed at how Herbie just hangs out in the middle of the chaos:

Here's Kaden with his Mommy, Grisely. I'm not quite sure what he thinks he's going to do with the pitcher Mommy uses to wash my hair?:

Getting Better at Feeding Myself

Finger foods have been a welcome addition to the mush I've been eating for months now. It does take a lot of practice to master this, however. I am definitely making progress. Here I am on Saturday morning 10/13/07:

Sometimes I enjoy mushing the food in my hands more than eating it!

Sometimes I just plain miss:

And sometimes I hit the mark!

Bath Time

Daddy couldn't resist some shots of me standing by the tub on Wednesday morning, 10/10/07. I'm probably going to be mortified when I get older... But, for now, Mommy will further the embarrassment by posting my naked cuteness on the Internet. They really are asking for it one day...

Mommy makes sure the water is not too hot!

Hey, who's taking my picture in this condition?!

I'm plotting my revenge now. Just think, I have years to plan...

I Have Teeth!

It's been a LONG week. I now sympathize with the rest of you babies and kids who already have teeth. I was perfectly happy going along with just gums, but NO, I had to endure these jagged, white things ripping through my gums this week. Not fun at all. Though I guess I did pretty well.

I hear murmurings from the parents that this is only the beginning, I don't know what that means but their tone of voice doesn't make it sound good! So, I now have one little visible razor's edge of one bottom tooth and a slight hint of the one next to it.

What do my parents get out of it? Mommy has a low-grade headache and foggy feeling from sleepless nights and Daddy has a back full of knots because I was in their bed for part of some of the nights. Neither one sleeps well with me in the bed, though I sleep better than ever, so I don't know what all of the complaining is about!

No photos since it's a hard picture to take. But here are some more of me enjoying the playhut this past Tuesday 10/9/07. First a peek out of the door:

I'm quite good at getting over the entrance now. I've had lots of practice:

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fun in the Playhut

We found an excellent bargain at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. There was a playhut for $5! Mommy put it away until I was bigger, but Angela came to visit on Saturday and she decided to pull it out. Turns out, I do quite well in this thing and I love the balls! So, it's STILL up in the living room because Mommy and Daddy have just as much fun as I do playing in this thing as does Herbie. Here's a video and some pictures so that you can join in the fun:

My first entry into the BallZone - Angela jumped right in:

Angela had no trouble getting into it!

Even Mommy fit - well, kindof...

And Val too...

Angela and I meet in the Ballzone

Angela gives me a big hug before she leaves. I had so much fun with her:

But I keep on playing. Here's a shot of me screaming with delight:

More fun (there's no good way to explain what I'm doing in this picture and not have it sound awful - think about it):

Swimming is the sea of balls:

Herbie watches with interest:

And he eventually joins in:

Last, a view of the entire Playhut ensemble. Can you believe all this for just $5!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm 9 Months Old!

Here we are, Friday 10/5/07 and I'm now 9 months old! I'm outgrowing my clothes faster than ever. Thankfully, garage sales and friends keep me in great supply!

I've Overtaken the Living Room

My toys are scattered all over the living room. There's really no point in putting them away as far as I'm concerned, because I'll just pull them all out again. But Mommy tries :-) Here are some photos of me playing last Sunday 9/30/07. I love the little toy I'm playing with that has fishies on the front and plays all sorts of nice sounds.

I got my fortune in Seattle

Here's a video of me receiving a fortune at Pike's Market in Seattle:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We went to Seattle!

Turns out I'm a very good traveler! On Monday 9/24/07 we flew from Philadelphia to Seattle - a 5 1/2 hr flight - and I did great. We came back on Friday 9/28/07. Mommy had a workshop to attend for her job. Since they were putting her in a nice hotel and she had a lot of USAir miles left from her time working at Spectra, she brought Daddy and me with her. Plus, she couldn't bear the thought of being away from me for 5 days!

The 'rents found a great travel highchair that folds up to the size of a book, check it out:

Mommy got a tour of the Seattle Public Library so Daddy and I played in the Childrens's area on Tuesday 9/25/07. What a cool library! To see more about the library, check out my Mommy's Work Blog.

Here's the outside of this amazing library:

After the tour we went down some VERY STEEP hills to Puget's Sound and walked down a nice pier. We were really lucky because it didn't rain at all the whole time we were there!

The we rode a carousel on the pier:

After all of that, I got into my warm jammies since it was a little cooler out there and played in the big king size bed in the hotel room. A VERY NICE hotel - 4 star - called Hotel Monaco.

On Wed 9/26/07, Daddy and I walked down to the Space Needle (poor Mommy was busy working). We went to 2 museums - a communications/music museum and a sci-fi museum; what fun!:

But after Mommy was done working, we all took a LONG WALK to the Capitol Hill neighborhood - up more STEEP HILLS and had dinner at the Teapot - a wonderful vegetarian place. I had tofu for the first time and some brown rice; quite yummy:

I was pretty wound up after dinner and cab ride back to the hotel. So, I took to jumping on the bed with Daddy:

After Mommy was done with work on Thursday 9/27/07, we went to the Seattle Public Market aka Pike Place Market. Here's the entrance from the street:

Mommy loved the beautiful flowers that lined the streets of the market:

Here's Daddy by a beautiful display of peppers:

It was fun to watch the workers throw fish around:

In the lower level was a cheesy wall that called itself a museum where you could pay money to look at shoes - we skipped looking but really liked the wall:

There were some very talented street performers as well:

And a beautiful view of Puget's Sound:

At the end of the day, I WAS POOPED! What an amazing trip!

Still Loving my Jumpy Seat

Still having fun times in my jumpy seat. Great exercises for my legs, you know. Take note I was at the end of enjoying this as a cry is about to erupt at the end. This is from Friday night 9/21/07:

I have found my scream!

I've taken to really enjoying screaming. It's amazing the reaction I can get out of people when I do so. And the volume, who knew a little tyke like me could make that much noise! Observe my performance on Friday 9/21/07:

I Pull Myself Up on Everything

And I mean - EVERYTHING. So just beware; if you're near me, your legs will become my ladder. Now I'm actually cruising around the room from bay windowsill to couch to whatever. I think I'll walk soon!

Here's a shot of my talent on Thursday 9/20/07: