Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Picnics and My First Cold

On memorial day, Monday 5/28, we went to my Godparents house for some grilled delights of burgers and peanut chicken. I of course stuck to my liquid diet. We like hanging out with Sadie and Phil and my Godsister, Alison.

Then, yesterday, Wed 5/30, our RCIA class had a picnic for our last get together. We're going to miss seeing everyone, but then again, we'll see them every Sunday anyway! We went even though I have my first cold. This runny nose and coughing stuff is not very fun at all. Well, at least I made it almost 5 months on this planet without having to experience this nastiness known as a cold. I'm doing pretty well though, no need for a doctor visit, though Mommy called to be sure as she and Daddy were a little nervous, this being their first time with a sick little Xia. I'm enjoying the extra pampering though. Lots of being carried around and getting to sleep in their room.

So here are some fun photos of me being cute at the picnic:

Here's Mommy finding a toy for me in my diaper bag. She's forever arranging and rearranging this bag to make sure I have everything I need when we go places. No more traveling lightly for her, someone who doesn't even like to use a purse!

And for your viewing pleasure, a clip of a sneeze and an attempt at getting my big toe in my mouth - my new love is sucking my toes:

Picnic Season begins

Seems we have a whole bunch of picnics lined up. This one was on Sunday 5/27. Friends from the RCIA class at church invited us to their new house. Emily and Matt are a young couple expecting their first child, a son, Peter. They just bought a house and Matt was confirmed into the Catholic Faith that day, so we were all celebrating all of the blessings in their lives. I really like their family. They held and passed me around the whole time. Mommy and Daddy started missing me by the end of it! Here's a funny picture of me and Daddy - the perspective makes us look like giants next to the tree. We all had a nice time.

Fun with my Godfather

This post is a little out of order, but I had to share this hilarious picture of my Godfather, Phil, and me. This was taken on Saturday 5/19. Daddy was going to play at the Chicken House - what's that you ask? A very interesting place near my Daddy's hometown, where Amish youth can go hang out and stay out of trouble. Phil wanted to come along, so we all went together. First we had some fun playing and here is Phil on the floor with me. I just love him! And doesn't he have great choppers?

I Love Garage/Yard Sales

On Saturday 5/26, we all got up early and hit the garage/yard sales. I got some really nice sleep outfits that are cool because it's getting kind of hot and humid here these days. I was called a "little trooper" because I didn't complain much getting in and out of the car, in and out of my seat, in and out of my sling; and I made a lot of people smile.

Afterwards, we went with Daddy to help someone get their computers up and running and connected to a wireless network and comcast cable. He figured it all out! He's real smart that way.

Sad News

To catch you up to date since my last post, I will be putting a few posts on today.

First, some sad news: my great uncle Ken passed away unexpectedly. He was 71 years old and we sure will miss him. He was my Daddy's Dad's Sister's Husband - got that! That's great aunt Martha and he has 2 children: Stephanie and Phillip - my Daddy's cousins.

He was an amazing man and you can read all about it here.
Family gatherings just won't be the same without him, AND a lot of other people are going to have to take care of making things run smoothly at them - like setting up food and making coffee and tea and cooking and such. He was always doing stuff like that quietly in the background.

Here's the day I first met him, and sadly, the only time for me, at my baptism on 4/22/07. He's sitting in the pew behind me at the end with Martha. We'll miss you great uncle Ken!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Just had my 4 month well baby checkup!

I had my 4 month well baby checkup yesterday (even though I'm really 4 1/2 months old!). Good report I'm happy to say. I'm quite the healthy girl. Gone are the days of not growing so well! I'm weighing in at 14lbs 12oz, so I'm just a little over twice the weight I was when I was born. This puts me in the 75th percentile. As for my length, well, check this out: I'm 26 1/2 inches long, that puts me in the (drum roll please...) 95th percentile! Yes, my friends, I'm gonna be a tall one. Gee, I wonder why... (hint, Daddy is 6'1" and Mommy is 5'10"). The doctor also thinks I'm going to be an early walker. She noticed some very strong trunk muscles and good support when she stood me up on my feet. So, God has blessed me very much and I'm so grateful. That's it for now, post ya later!

Punk Rock Flea Market last Saturday (5/12/07)

Here are some shots of our trip to the Punk Rock Flea Market at the Chameleon (a nightclub downtown that they opened up from 11am to 3pm during the afternoon)last Saturday.

First, we parked in front of a fairly new art gallery on W Walnut St. called ART IS NEGOTIABLE INC. The owner thought I was very adorable and was kind enough to take this picture of us:

Here's a shot of Mommy and me on the top floor of the club looking over the goods. A lot of the stuff was from the 80s - the 'rents generation - my my are they old!:

Lastly, Mommy wasn't sure if she should share this photo or not, but she just can't resist. We stopped by one of the vendors' tables called Reel Splatter Productions. This is a group of twentysomethings that are creating the bloody, gory, special effects you see in horror movies. Daddy really loves zombie movies and stuff like that. Mommy likes scary stuff, but could probably live without the blood and gore; however, she has some good laughs about it with Daddy now and again if she hasn't just eaten. Don't worry, they won't expose me to this stuff til I'm at least 5! So, to get on with the story, they were attracting people to their table with this great Santa Claus. WOW, I already got to meet Santa at only 4 months old. I DO HOPE he's feeling better by Chrsitmas or he might not make it to my house! (NOTE: I think Mommy looks more scared than I do).

Chillin with Herbie

This is too cute to not post. Here I am chillin' out with Herbie. He actually naps more than I do! By the way, you probably notice this striped pillow in a lot of pictures. This is the MAGIC PILLOW that I enjoy immensely. However, my feet are starting to hang off of the end of it I'm getting so big:

Silly me last Friday (5/11/07)

Daddy was entertaining me while Mommy made dinner last Friday. We were jamming out to Abba (Mommy's pick, NOT Daddy's - he wants to be sure everyone knows that!) - Mommy and I like to sing and dance to Abba - it's a lot of fun. Anyway, here are some videos of my good time.

First, here's Daddy having some fun zooming in and out on me:

Next, here I am giggling then SCREAMING with delight at the joys of Abba music:

Lastly, here are Daddy and I having a good time. I'm just so animated, aren't I?

Friday, May 11, 2007

I Love Baths

I really enjoy a good bath. Usually, I love to coo and do all types of squeals and bantering after a bath. Last Sunday, I was really wowing the 'rents with my vocal abilities so Mommy grabbed the camera. Every time she would turn it on, I'd get quiet. This is the best she could capture. You gotta love her attempt at getting me to squeal by trying to sound like me. Poor thing sounds like a dying animal. Cracked Daddy up pretty good as you hear at the end. The video is quite short cause Mommy got frustrated that I wouldn't perform for the camera. Oh well, you gotta see me in person to really appreciate me :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Busy Saturday for the Zimmerman Family

Last Saturday was a really packed day for us Zimmermans. First, we went shopping at Central Market downtown. I tell you, Mommy loves carying me around in the wrap. You should see all the people who just come right up to me and make funny faces at me. I figure, what the heck, they look hilarious, so I usually give them a smile or drool for them. Here we are in front of the coffee stand where Daddy gets his Chai Latte:

After that, Mommy got her haircut at Salon Bella. She's been following Michelle Shenk (the owner) around for 16 years to get her hair cut. First she was at Professional Touch, then Outline Studio, then her own salon in Manheim, then Blades and finally opened her salon in Etown, then opened a second salon in Lancaster. Sadly, she will strictly manage after this year, and then Mommy will have to let someone else cut her hair - YIKES! Anyway, as you'll see in the next photos, Mommy got about 6 inches chopped off. I must say I miss tangling my hands into her long locks, I heard something about that being the reason the hair had to go. Daddy misses it too, but everyone likes the new do.

So, after a stop home for lunch, we all piled in the car and went to Shenk's Ferry Wildflower Preseve. It was beautiful and we all had a nice time. Saw lots of blue bells and other pretty white and purple and yellow flowers. Sorry, we don't know technical names. Here are some shots of the day.

Mommy and I in front of the entrance to the path:

Here we are a little further down the path, so pretty...

Daddy was getting hot and had a seat at the end of the path. All of this nice cool air was blowing out of the cracks of these rocks. This was right on top of a little tunnel over water. Talk about natural air conditioning!

After all of that, we all came home and collapsed. What a great day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

4 Months Old on 5/5/07!

So I had my big 4 month birthday on Saturday 5/5/07. Time sure flies and I'm sure growing. Here's my 4 month photo and a video for your viewing pleasure (yes, those are lambs on my feet, I know, adorable...):

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Random Photos from last week

Well, I have a couple of pictures I'd like to share that really aren't related to each other, but I like them.

First, Herbie and I are definitely learning how to share Mommy as you can see here:

Next, I still love gazing at myself in my mirrow. You'll notice that my head is not on the floor like the shot from the post on 3/25/07. Now I hold my head high - so here you go:

And lastly, a nice picture from last Thursday's National Day of Prayer event at Long's Park. I was happy to finally meet Dianne. She and Mommy met last year at rehearsals for the choir that sang at last year's NDP. On the day of the performance last year, Mommy and Daddy had just found out the day before about ME! Dianne was so happy for them and now she met the end result:

Monday, May 7, 2007

New Variation of the MOBY Sling

Remember when I was really tiny and Mommy carried me around in the MOBY Sling? (see post from 1/16/07 if you don't remember...) Well, Daddy checked out a new position with it, and now I can't get enough of being up high on Mommy and Daddy's chest, walking around in this get up. Daddy had to capture the moment in the mirror the first day he tried it out (that was 4/26/07).

Then Mommy couldn't resist:

Check out my BUMBO

So I haven't posted for awhile - busy fun times, that's why! We bought something to help me sit up and play called a BUMBO at the end of April. Mommy had seen it advertised and just couldn't resist. Plus, I'm getting really bored lying on the floor and needed some more stimulation. Here's a video of me enjoying my BUMBO: