Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation TIme - Indiana PA - Day 3 - Yellow Creek

It's Xia again. We had so much fun at Mack Pool, Mommy decided that on Friday 6/25/10 we needed to check out Yellow Creek State Park. Another place she spent a lot of time in the summers growing up. They have a great lake there with a small little man-made sandy beach. First we had to get ourselves motivated to get out the door as the day at Mack Pool really tired us out!

Here are Kira and I hanging out after first waking up:

Marlon can make numbers out of legos! Very impressive, but can we please go to Yellow Creek now?

C'mon Isa, wake up already!!

Finally we were all ready and we grabbed our towels, blankets, pails and shovels and off we went.

Isa didn't waste any time getting into the sand...

Neither did I...

We both had a lot of fun playing in this sand, but it sure isn't the same as sand at the beach. This stuff sticks to you like glue! But again I wasn't afraid of the water and ran right in to get the stuff off of me when it got to be too much.

Here's a pic with my lovely cousins...

Marlon made a really cool path in the sand for the water...

And here's a shot of him with Grandma. We are the luckiest grand kids around to have such a fun Grandma!

After sleeping in in the morning, Isa STILL needed more sleep:

Daddy spent the day in Pittsburgh at a great record store called Jerry's Records. He just loves finding original, interesting, so bad it's good music on vinyl. When he came to pick us up, we were having a blast at the playgrounds.

Here I am with Kira and Marlon on a cool tire swing. Man am I having fun!!

Then we had fun on a stand up see-saw:

Marlon does a cartwheel:

Next, I braved a VERY TALL slide:

And I just LOVE balance beams. I'm always making sidewalk curbs into balance beams, but this was the REAL deal!

Now this balance beam actually bounced, so I decided to ride it instead of trying to walk on it. That was a little too hard for me. But Kira and Marlon were really good at it.

Kira's telling Marlon to wait until she's ready to bounce! Whee...

Marlon really liked to bounce the thing...

And I LOVED riding in the middle:

Whew! We were all pooped at the end of the day. I just loved Kira's sock monkey pjs - so cute!

We all slept very good that night!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Time - Indiana PA - Day 2 - Mack Pool

Hey, Xia here. When Mommy was a kid/teenager, she spent A LOT of time at Mack Pool. Thursday, 6/24/10, our second day at Grandma's house, we decided to go hang out at the pool because they had just built a kiddie area for this summer. WOW, was it every impressive all of the cool stuff they have there now! Mommy was very proud of me as I would not go into a pool last summer. I would only stand on the steps.

Here I am enjoying the awesome slide!

Isa enjoyed wading around with Mommy:

And splashing with Mommy:

And just being her cute self:

We all loved climbing on the squishy starfish:

Then we had a nice surprise, Mommy's cousin Julie showed up with her kids Isabella and Grayson. We all had a lot of fun!

Here's Grayson:

And Isabella:

Kira and Marlon had fun in the deeper section. It is quite a fight to get your chance on the shark! Here's Marlon claiming the shark for he and Kira:

Kira made it!

What a fun time for all of us!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation Time - Indiana PA - Day 1 - Travel

Hi, Isa here. On Wed 6/23/10 we loaded up the car for the yearly trek back to Mommy's hometown, Indiana PA, for the big family reunion. 4 hours is a long drive, even with a pit stop half way. You put a bag between me and Xia and OF COURSE I'm going to have to get into it...

Hmmm, look at all these swim diapers...

CAUGHT in the act!!

Here I am waking up, or am I going back to sleep, or am I waking up, or going back to sleep?...