Friday, February 22, 2008

This Week in Xia's Life

Mommy is running low on creative titles for blog posts today...

So here are a couple of photos of me that were taken this week. Gotta love the stripes with the red shoes, how stylish!

Moving in for another one of my priceless closeups:

And here it is... (note the "love" scratch from Herbie, I do torment him so, I'm lucky I don't have more marks on me!)

Here I am having fun with Daddy. He rigged up my ball popping toy to blow tissues in the air. He and Mommy thought it was hilarious and I just wanted to enjoy pretending to blow my nose:

BIG NEWS: I took my first solo steps yesterday, Thursday 2/21/08. My oh my did I get cheers and whistles from Mommy and Daddy. Don't they get it?! As soon as these legs are working, they are going to be even busier keeping me out of stuff - LOL

Today (Friday 2/22/08) the weather is pretty snowy. Mommy had a 2 hour delay for work, so we all went outside and I finally got to ride in the little sled they found for me at a garage sale back in the summer of 2006 when Mommy first found out about me. Too bad we haven't had much snow this year.

First, they had to bundle me up to the point where I look like the poor little boy in "A Christmas Story":

I look a little shocked at first in the sled. This is a new thing for me - sitting in snow! Plus, I really can't bend my arms or legs...:

Still not quite sure about it in this clip:

But, finally, I do give a smile to the camera. After this, we walked around the whole neighborhood through the deserted streets. I think I had fun?!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm 13 Months Old

Mommy forgot to post the picture Daddy took of me on 2/5/08 - 13 months old! At my last checkup I was 31" long and weighed 20lbs. I have taken a couple of steps, but mostly still cruising on furniture or using push toys. I can stand up by myself though. I have 2 more teeth coming in on the top, so I'll have 4 across soon. Still only at 3 on the bottom. I can say bye-bye, wave at everybody even more so now and if you ask me to sing you a song I'll go "La La La" with tongue sticking out and all!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Playgroup at My House

Mommy is a member of a great Parents group she found on - yes, Mommy finds everything online! It's called The Lancaster Working Moms/Parents Meetup Group Be sure to join up if this interests you.

We had a great time in my play room on Sunday 2/10/08. Megan and her son Nathan came. Huong and Eric and their daughter Alaya (not sure how to spell her name) came. Grisely and her son Kaden came. And Cherie (the group oranizer) and her daughter Ava also came. It was a full room for sure.

Here are Nathan, myself and Alaya. Can you tell I'm trying not to cry? I had bumped myself in the mouth, but no tears came.

Here's Nathan trying to break out of the glorified playpen as Mommy calls my play area:

Here Grisely is reading to Kaden as Alaya looks on:

If I remember correctly, Alaya is just 2 days older than me:

I guess Mommy didn't get a picture of cute little Ava, she's only a little over a week older. It's so nice to be with kids my age :-) I hope we get together again soon!

Check out my Baby Sign Skills

I'm getting very good at Baby Sign. Mommy was asked by Babies and Moms Radio to record some videos and send them to them so they can post them on their website. Hope they do! I'll let you know...

Here are the videos we made for them. Mommy wrote the descriptions for them:

See Xia sign more, cheese, and light. Tried to get her to do flowers, shoes and milk too - no luck there. Not always great to make a child perform signing - but I just had to try...

Xia signs more, apple and milk!

Oh How I Love to Dance

I really enjoy dancing. Anytime there is music, I'm going to dance. Here are 2 videos of my talent.

First, I still enjoy this toy, though this time I decided to dance on my back and crack up Mommy and Daddy:

Here, if you've ever watched the British show Keeping Up Appearances, you'll recognize the music. I love it as you can see:

Wecome to the world baby Matthew

My good friend Angela just got a new baby brother on 2/5/08. His name is Matthew and he's soooo cute. Here he is just hours after being born (he was 7lbs 1oz and 19in long):

And here's the whole family, Valerie, Matthew, Angela and Dan - what a happy day:

Then, on Saturday 2/9/07 - Mommy and I went for a visit, here are some shots from that. First, seems Matthew catches flies when he sleeps - just like me:

Mommy holds Matthew - hmmm, doesn't her face look like she'd like one of these again?...

There was a time when it was just Val and Mommy as friends, my, their friends/families are growing:

Here I get up close and personal to cute little Matthew:

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pictures from the weekend!

So, just after Mommy posted the last entry, she received an email from Amanda with 3 pictures from our time at her house! So yay, I have pictures for you.

Here I am sitting with Kylie on her cool little fold out couch. You can see how tall and big I am in that Kylie will be 2 in April and we're about the same size!:

During our visit, Mike's brother Josh decided he wanted a Mohawk. Amanda did a good job, don't you think? I kept staring at his head as I'd never seen anything like THAT before! He decided adding some kiddie sunglasses made the look just perfect...

What I did over the weekend...

Well, Mommy forgot to bring the camera with us on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. So, I'm sorry, but no pictures for you. But we had a full, fun weekend.

On Saturday, we went to That Fish Place and looked at all the cool fish and other animals and even some sting rays in a touch pond. That evening, we sent to Mike and Amanda's - that's Eli and Kylie's parents. I had so much fun playing all night long. I just kept cruising around furniture and crawling from room to room. I love exploring new places.

Then, on Sunday I got to go to Bodi's first birthday. There I had even more fun crawling around. They have some very nice dogs and a cat too. Probably more animals I didn't see. Bodi's mom, Michelle, takes care of animals found that are sick and nurses them back to health and finds them new homes. What a great thing. Bodi's Daddy, Brian, sings in a great band called Green Eggs. He and Daddy used to play in a band a long time ago...

So, that was my exciting weekend. Stay tuned for my 13 month old photo coming soon...