Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day 2007 - My First

Here's a play by play of my first Christmas. It was wonderful!

First, Mommy had to continue the tradition set by Grandma. You see, every year, Grandma would snap a photo of Mommy and Aunt Paula coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. Too bad Mommy doesn't have one of these to show you, some are quite hilarious. So, here I am on the stairs Christmas morning:

Here are our stockings hanging on the mantle. Great GrandMom made Daddy's when he was a little boy, that's why it says "Billy". Grammy made Mommy's a few Christmas' ago to match Daddy's. This year, Grammy made one for me! Our names are on the front:

And the years of our births are on the back:

I like mine very much:

Here I am playing with some cool alphabet blocks I got:

And here's a movie clip of me playing with them:

We went to church and here's a picture of Mommy and I in front of the great Manger Scene we have at church. Father Leo carried in baby Jesus during the entrance hymn:

Mommy wanted some shots of me in my pretty Christmas dress, here I am with Daddy:

And here I am with Mommy:

And me, me, me:

I enjoyed a little bit of play time and dancing with Lily:

Grammy, Great Grandmom and Grandy came over for Christmas dinner. What a nice way to end a beautiful day!

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