Friday, April 16, 2010

Bathtime for the Zimmerman Girls

The bath routine around here goes like this. Xia gets washed up first. Then Isa gets in and gets washed up while Xia plays. Then they both play for a little bit until Isa's splashing gets out of control. Then Isa gets out and into her jammies and into her jumpy seat while Xia finishes up. It's a great system.

Here's Isa having a great time in her jumpy seat after her bath on Thursday 3/18/10:

And Xia is surprised to find out she's on camera while having some very loud and animated play in the tub!

Kids Can Sleep Anywhere

And Xia proves this on Monday 3/15/10 by falling asleep while eating her lollipop. Sweet Dreams....

Hmmmm, I sure hope she isn't having some kind of Charlie the Unicorn on Candy Mountain nightmare!!!

Xia Takes a Nap

Awww, another cute sleeping child shot. Love how Xia is hugging her baby doll. And Herbie shares the space. This was on Tuesday 3/9/10:

More Isa...

Is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping child? Here's Isa on Monday 3/8/10:

Or as funny as a child carrying a plate in her mouth like a dog carries a bone?

Xia is Thirty Eight Months Old

On Friday 3/5/10 I hit 3 years and 2 months old! Woo hoo! I'm growing like a weed and am a solid 4T now. I really love helping these days. I always help unpack the groceries when we get home from the store. Plus, I can name most of the stuff too. I'm a good counter and really know my letters now too. Love to read books to myself too. I have so many of them memorized now that I can really read a whole book to someone. Life is good!

We Can't Get Enough Disco Lights

In our home, disco lights are an every day occurrence. Really, don't you think EVERYONE needs a little disco light in their day? Isa sure enjoys them on Thursday 3/4/10 (Hey, Happy Birthday Grandma!!)...

And Xia enjoys wearning Mommy's glasses...

(I hate to break the news to her that with her heredity, she's most likely not going to find these very cool in the future...)

It's All Isa...

Here are some pictures of me, Isa, from Wednesday 3/3/10. I'm so glad that I'm finally big enough to wear my squid shirt from Aunt Paula, and cousins Marlon and Kira.

Oh, you wanna take a picture?

Okay, now I'm smiling...

Now I'm coming for the camera...

Here I am crawling and playing:

And here I am pulling myself up and playing with my plates (Whils Xia plays loudly in the background with Mr. Peepers - the squeaky chicken):

Let's Nap

Daddy caught Isa and I trying to take a nap on Monday 3/1/10.

C'mon Dad, give us some privacy!

Are you STILL taking pictures?

Maybe if I ignore you you'll go away - Isa, stop looking at Daddy...

Okay, here's your smile - hey Isa, don't fall asleep!!

Isa is Eleven Months Old

On Sunday 2/28/10 I turned 11 months old!! I'm sporting 2 bottom teeth now and my top teeth are coming through too. Still a lot of crawling and pulling myself up. Lots more self-feeding, still not too great with a spoon yet. Doing well!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Xia here. Daddy turned 44 years old on Wednesday 3/3/10. We celebrated early on Sunday 2/28/10. Daddy was out during the afternoon, so Mommy and I made him a cake while Isa watched...

Here I am putting the sprinkles on from our Funfetti frosting...

I helped with the frosting too. Here's the finished product:

A close up:

We sang to Daddy...

I think he liked the cake:

He's 44 now!!! Love you Daddy!!!

Xia Strikes a Pose

Just a really great pic of Xia taken Sunday morning 2/28/10:

Spectra Girls Unite

Mommy worked for a company called Spectra, which is now a part of Nielsen Marketing back in 2000 through 2003. She made some very good friends while there. On Saturday 2/27/10 they came for a fun visit at our house! It's hard to believe that when they all met, NONE of them had children. My how the group has grown.

First Tara with her new husband Chris (congrats!!!) and daughter Ashli:


Xia and Ashli:

Abby's daughter Callie:

Abby's son, Caden:

Abby, Callie and Caden:
Robin with husband John and son Yorgos:

Isa (one of Mommy's favorite pics of her!):

And the whole gang:

So great to have everyone together!!

What Do You Do Before Bed?

Well, Xia and Isa were looking a little board on Wednesday 2/24/10...

So we broke out the cool Rainbow light that Grammy bought Xia awhile back:

Xia's Talented Foot Trick

Yes, I am Xia, the amazing foot trick artist. It is Wednesday 2/17/10. Watch my nimble feet pick up the plastic chain...

Happy Mardi Gras 2010

On Tuesday 2/16/10, we were the lucky recipients of a traveling Mardi Gras party! In preparation for Lent, our good friends the Volpes brought their family tradition to our home. There were beads and dancing and making of masks, plus they made an authentic, home made King Cake!!

Here we are in our beads. First, Gianna:

then Isaac:

and Maryam:

lastly, Xia looking overwhelmed by all of the festivities...

The beautiful King Cake:

Masks (made with Maryam's guidance - trace hands on construction paper - tape and string) and costumes up next. First Maryam:

then Xia-one-eye:

and Isaac:

If you're still reading, enjoy the dancing videos... (the music is more of Daddy's unique finds):

The evening closed with some Isa bouncing on a balloon. Happy Mardi Gras everyone!!

Girls in the Morning

Every morning, Xia and now Isa, wave good-bye to Mommy as she drives away to work. They look out the bay window. Here they are on Tuesday 2/16/10:

Enjoying the Snow

On Monday 2/15/10, we enjoyed Mommy's Day off (for President's Day) in the snow!

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

From 3 sleeping girls to you - hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day (Sunday 2/14/10):

More Possessed Isa Eating

(Isa and Xia's Mommy here...Okay, okay, I know, I know - BIG hiatus on this blog. Very hard these days to keep up, so you better just get used to a monthly dump of information these days. Life is full and busy, but I want to keep up this blog so that those of you far away can watch Xia and Isa grow, and for our own families' memories - because mine is gone!!)

Here is a video taken on Saturday 2/13/10 of some more possessed Isa eating. Stuff she's eating (mixed veggies I think) even looks like what was spewed out in the Exorcist!