Sunday, March 25, 2007

One Day Left with Stay-At-Home Mommy

Well, my Mommy's maternity leave is coming to an end. She's sad, but also happy to return to work (she's one of those lucky people that loves their job). Just a big change and adjustment for all of us. THE GOOD NEWS is that I'm so lucky - my Daddy will be a Stay-At-Home Daddy and will be taking care of me. His last day of work was 3/16/07. This past week Mommy was showing him our daily routines. He's so good at EVERYTHING, plus he did a lot of it already.

Keep us in your prayers as the whole family goes through all of these exciting changes. Also, Daddy wants to grow his self-employment endeavors over time. What a leap of faith we're all taking. We all trust God will see us through as we've prayed hard and have been lead in this direction.

So, as you can see, Mommy was holding me extra close today knowing her days with me during the week are ending:

Daddy also took some cute pictures of me this week; these are my two favorites:

Mirror mirror on the back of my ladybug named Lollie...

And really, I'm just to die for in this one...

Before I leave, here's some more of my babbling. Now, how talented am I that I can talk AND suck my fist at the same time (I'm doing this and drooling a lot because I'm teething already - doesn't feel so good...)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm Finding My Voice

Sorry this video is so dark, but you can hear that I'm finally finding my voice!

First Big Trip to Western PA

Well, I survived my first big car ride across the state of Pennsylvania. My Mommy's family (and where she grew up) is Indiana PA which is just northeast of Pittsburgh. So Mommy packed the little Hyundai, it was filled to the max, and off we went on Friday 3/9. I slept the first 2 hours, and we stopped at Sideling Hill plaza on the turnpike, which is the halfway point. Mommy found a back booth at Burger King to feed me, then I made her day by having a blow out diaper right there. Luckily she carries an extra outfit for me in her diaper bag - all mommies do! Then I slept the other 2 hours to Indiana PA. I saw SO MANY new people, boy does Mommy have a big family!

On Sunday 3/11 we drove to Irwin PA to see all the Peterson cousins, my great Aunt Joanne's family, and all of their kids. It was Alyson's birthday! I had a fan club waiting for me to wake up as you can see here:

Mommy's cousing Kathleen's daugher Emily (is that my 2nd cousin or cousing once removed?) was so happy to hold me - with Mommy's help:

Then we left that party and visited with great aunt Bobby and great uncle Bob, my mommy's cousin Jenny. I fell asleep on Jenny:

Then on Monday 3/12 we were off to Pittsburgh to FINALLY meet MY cousins - Kira and Marlon. That's my Aunt Paula's kids (Paula is my Mommy's sister - remember?) Here is Kira and me, how cool to have such an OLDER cousin - she's NINE!

And here is Marlon and me - he's big too - FIVE:

And here's the whole clan - Sonny (Paula's boyfriend), Paula, Kira and Marlon:

Mommy and I came home on Wed 3/14 and luckily I didn't give her any blow out diapers on the way home. I slept all but one hour of it, and I played with one of my favorite toys for that hour. Boy, was Mommy relieved to have survived this first big trip!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I'm Two Months Old Now

Can you believe it? On 3/5/07 I turned 2 months old! I now weigh 11lbs 4 1/2 oz and some how when they measured me this time I was on 23 inches long, but last time 23 1/4? Guess they didn't stretch me out as much at this check up. I'm in good health and developing normally. I got a TON of shots on Monday and didn't like that at all. Though I think it was harder for Mommy and Daddy to watch.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet all of my relatives on the other side of the state. Mommy is a little worried about a 4 hour drive with me, but I bet I'll sleep most of the way to make it easy on her. We'll see...

Here's what I look like now

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Xia enjoys her Mobile

Hi everyone,

I'm now 8 weeks old! On Monday 3/5 I'll be 2 months old! Time really does fly. I'm filling out my skin and getting chunkier each day. Mommy was surprised to realize just how tough it is to keep all of those folds clean :-) I think I look great.

Thought I'd share with you my good times with my mobile in my crib. I enjoy it very much.