Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm Getting SO BIG!

Hello there,

I have good news. I went to the doctor on Friday 1/26/07 and I now weigh 7lbs 12oz. WOW, I've gained over a pound in just a week. So, supplementing with formula is really working.

Hope to get some videos of me up here soon. Thanks again for all the prayers!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Power of Prayer!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for all of us. We went to a lactation consultant yesterday and found out I have gained at least 4 oz. Yeah! So I'm about 6lbs 13oz now (give or take as it's a different scale than the one I'm weighed on at my doctor's). So supplementing with formula is really working. We figured out that Mommy is only producing about 1/2 of the milk I need. They set her up with a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) which allows me to receive the supplemental formula and Mommy's pumped breast milk at the breast through a small tube. It's quite a contraption. We're hoping this will stimulate more milk production and that I'll help out too as I get bigger. But, whatever happens, formula or breast milk or a combination, I'm going to be just fine :-) Thank God for modern medicine, otherwise, Mommy would be looking for a wet nurse LOL.

So here's a shot of one of my cute little smiles from last Thursday, I was 6lbs 11 oz that day, so getting kind of tiny:

Annie has adjusted very well to my presence as you can see in this content photo of her:

But poor Herbie is not doing so well. In fact, Mommy and Daddy are starting to look for a nice home for him. He'd be great for a family with no other pets that enjoys playing with a lovable cat. He's really awesome, but he keeps trying to play with my feet and hands, and this just won't work. Let Mommy and Daddy know if you're looking for a great cat. I think this photo says it all, Herbie just can't take the lack of attention any more!

Well, keep up the prayers. My next appointment is Friday; hoping I keep gaining weight. Gee, I bet you all wish you could say that :-)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

We are in need of prayers please.


This is Stephanie, Xia's Mommy. Sorry we haven't posted for awhile, but we have been focused a lot on taking care of Xia's feeding issues. We had a doctor appointment on Monday 1/15, and Xia's weight dropped another oz. We made some changes with the breastfeeding and I contacted the lactation specialists and La Leche League for some ideas. We went back to the doctors Thursday 1/18, and she dropped another oz. I then was told I needed to think about supplementing our nursing with formula - something I REALLY wanted to avoid! Then we went back yesterday, Saturday 1/20 and she dropped another 2 oz. in 2 days, so we have started supplementing breastfeeding with formula. This pretty much involves round the clock breast feeding 6 min on each side, then feeding Xia what I pumped from the last feeding since she can only feed 6 min on each side which leaves some milk, then breast pumping, then feeding formula. She is to get 2 to 3 oz. formula, and really only is getting .5oz to 1 oz. each try. She's very sleepy and hard to wake up to feed due to all these changes, the increase in food, and her losing weight. She is now 6lbs 9oz. and we are all a little worried. The doctors says her health is still good, just have to really get some weight on this child. I will see a lactation specialist tomorrow morning with Xia and continue hoping I can get this formula into her (as much as I don't want to, I realize her health is more important and she needs the calories).

Sorry to run all this together in one blurb, but I'm pretty sleep deprived (all mothers understand AND fathers), and we're all under quite a lot of stress and worry over this and trying to stay positive to keep that good energy around for Xia. So please pray for us as we overcome this hurdle by God's Grace.

I will try to update when I have the chance.

Stephanie, Bill and Xia

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm already over a week old!

Can you believe it. Today marks my 8th day of life. It really does go fast. I think I'm going to do a weekly post from now on, as this growing, feeding, making dirty diapers and sleeping stuff takes up a lot of my and my parents time.

I had my first doctor appointment on Thurday 1/11/07 and they are a little concerned because I lost 7oz. But it is pretty normal to lose weight that first week. Mommy and I have increased the feeding schedule and have another appointment on Monday 1/15/07 to see how I'm doing. Mommy swears I'm plumping up a bit and also feels like I'm pretty much attached to her breasts these days :-) It sure is a lot of work - but we have a lot of fun and love to look in each others eyes during these times.

Still meeting a lot of people who stop by, I never knew so many people wanted to see me in the flesh. We're keeping it low key with a visitor every other day or so. It seems I make a lot of people smile, make funny faces and funny noises at me. Wonder how I do that?

So, keep us in your prayers for good feedings to help me grow. We want to avoid formula at all costs, so I sure hope I'm putting on some weight.

Here are some photos of our recent days:

Mommy and Daddy are big into something called Baby Wearing or Attachment Parenting. So I'm learning to enjoy the slings they carry me around in:

Here's a shot of Mommy giving me a sponge bath:

And a shot of me and Daddy just hanging out. He sure is a lot of fun!

When all is said and done, I have a knack of really wearing Mommy and Daddy out - but in such a good way. Yesterday, Mommy and I enjoyed a nice nap together:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting to Know You and Day 4 at Home

I introduced you all to our 2 cats, Annie and Herbie, during my last days in the womb. Well, now that I'm out, it has been interesting. We came home to a very sick Herbie and he's in seclusion as he gets better - poor thing. But Annie & I have really been getting to know each other. Seems she likes to watch over me and is very protective!

It's nice to be so watched over.

Grammy came for a visit last night and we got a shot of 3 generations! Me, Daddy and Grammy.

So this is Day 4 and all is well. We are all getting into a rhythm here it seems. So, I'm going to go nap now and then feed and then get a diaper change, and then I'll start that all over again. A day's work is never done...

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My Journey Home

I wanted to flash back to Sunday 1/7/07, the day I left the hospital and came home. Thus far, it was my most traumatic experience. See there are these things called clothes (barbaric things) that I was introduced to after really just having to put up with those confining things called diapers in the hospital. Then, just when I thought I would never survive all the clothes, I learn there are torture chambers called CAR SEATS that they won't let you leave the hospital without! I mean really! This picture relays to all of you what I think of these things...

Luckily, Mommy and Daddy calmed me down nicely once we came home. I really like this home place, a lot more comfortable than the hospital. We all got pretty relaxed quickly:

Today, which is day 3 at home, I've really just slept most of it away. I think all the excitement of being born is really hitting me today. I slept on Mommy on the couch for like 2 hours (she needed the nap too). Then Daddy held me as I slept in the evening. And both my Grammy and Grandma. Ahhh, life is good and relaxing.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Day Two at Home

We're all doing great! THANKS to everyone for the wonderful comments you've added to my blog. Too many to respond to individually now that things are a little hectic around here - you know, me needing fed every 2-3 hrs really keeps Mommy busy, of course there's the diaper changes too - I love the looks on Mommy and Daddy's faces at some of the beauties I've given them in that department. And they just won't quit staring at me - geez! Sometimes they even cry when they look at me, I guess they love me lots :-) Feeling pretty lucky about that. That's it for now as I'm feeling the need to feed again...

Before I wail to let Mommy know, here's a shot of us meeting for the first time right after birth and then one of my proud Daddy with me...

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Oh my goodness - HERE I AM!

I just got home from the hospital with Mommy and Daddy. NO INDUCTION was necessary. I must be quick cause I'm hungry and since I use Mommy's hands to type, she's my food supply, and I need her :-)

We went for a checkup with the midwife Thursday at 4pm and found out Mommy was 2cm dilated! So Cheri, the midwife, did something called a membrane sweep (not real pleasant for Mommy) to see if that would help and we all decided to wait the weekend out to see if I'd come.

Well, at 9pm Thursday evening, Mommy started having contractions, cause I was READY! By 2:30am we were at the hospital and Mommy was 4cm dilated, I was ready I tell ya. Then by 4am she was 6-7 cm dilated (need to be at 10cm to push me out!). Cheri, the midwife, was called and said she was coming in to break the water and get this done. But Mommy really wanted me to come as naturally as possible and started praying, well, next thing you know, I broke out and the water came all by itself.

This made things really start rolling, and I'll spare you the rest of the details. I'm just so proud of Mommy for keeping medication away from me - she thought FOR SURE she'd be an epidural taker, but she went for it the whole way and:

AT 7:52am on FRIDAY 1/5/07 I MADE MY GRAND ENTRANCE! Wow, what a world. I'm as healthy as can be and will tell you all more as Mommy and Daddy get used to me being around here. Grandma will be here all week to help, which is awesome. I'm really digging the breastfeeding thing, and would like to go do that right now, so - good-bye for now and

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PRAYERS! You made for a great, natural entry for me into this world and Mommy and Daddy just know it wouldn't have been possible without all that praying going on :-)

Will check in when things calm down around here (that means when they get used to having me around, I'll try not to shake it up to much - YEAH RIGHT!)


Thursday, January 4, 2007

My Family is not Complete without THE CATS!

So, I guess this is my last full day in here whether I like it or not. We have our last midwife appointment today at 4pm to see if there's any progress for Mommy and me. Really looking like an induction tomorrow - thinking positive thoughts about it though and remembering that God is in charge!

My family is not complete without introducing you to Annie and Herbie, our cats. Mommy and Daddy got Annie in August of 2003 from the Humane League (they also got Morris at that time, but he had to be put to sleep in April 2006 :-( ) She's a sweet kitty who looks like a pirate:

And she loves to stretch out and relax after playing with a plastic bag:

After they had to say good-bye to Morris, Mommy and Daddy went back to the Humane League in April 2006 and fell in love with Herbie (the love bug). He's full of energy and LOVES to eat. Here's Daddy being silly with him:

I've got some bad news for these kitties - I'M COMING SOON! They get a lot of love and attention from my parents and are known as "the kids". Well, they will continue to get love, but look out because I think I just may take some of that attention away. Hope we can all get along. They will adjust if they know what's good for them!

Hope to get a chance to write tomorrow before our trip to the hospital...

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Time to Meet Great Grandmom

Just to keep you up to date, my non-stress test and ultrasound that I had done yesterday were great again! I'm doing well in here, maybe I'm just a little too comfortable... We have two days left to do this on our own. PLEASE keep all those prayers and positive thoughts coming. Mommy is getting contractions here and there and we're very hopeful. She actually had a contraction while we were hooked up to monitors yesterday, so this is a very good sign.

So, back to meeting all the loving family members waiting for my arrival.

My Daddy's grandmother, MomMom (Betty), is another person I'd like you to meet. To me, she is Great Grandmom. Here's a shot of her this Christmas:

I'm looking forward to meeting her too.

Well, enjoy this third day of 2007 and hopefully, I'll be busy tomorrow and won't be able to write :-)

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Aunts, Uncle & Cousins on the Zimmerman Side

Good Morning! No, I have not arrived yet, so keep up the prayers. I have another non-stress test and ultrasound today to make sure all is okay. At least we know Friday is the day whether I like it or not, thought Mommy and Daddy would be SO HAPPY if I came on my own without being induced.

I'd like to introduce my Daddy's sisters (my aunts) to you - Kris and Kathy. They are fraternal twins (which means they don't look alike). Here they are in all their glory back in the day:

Kris is married to John (my uncle):

And they have 2 children: Katelyn (Kate) who is 15 (cool, I have a teenager for a cousin!):

And Allison (Allie) who is 9 (she's a lot of fun!):

Here they are together looking too adorable:

And here is a picture of Aunt Kathy:

So now you've met all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. If I hang out in here some more, I'm going to introduce you to some more family tomorrow. Have a great day!

Monday, January 1, 2007

Let's meet Aunt Paula and my cousins Kira and Marlon

Well, we thought I might be coming yesterday, had some action, but I'm still baking awhile longer it seems. Still, the prayer is that I can make my way outta here before being forced on Friday!

In the meantime, I'd like you to meet my Aunt Paula. She is Mommy's sister. She has 2 children, so they would be my cousins - Kira who will be 9 in 10 days and Marlon who turned 5 in October. Lucky me, being born with cousing already out there to meet!

Here's a photo of all of them taken in September:

Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to my aunts and uncles and cousins from Daddy's side of the family!