Monday, October 20, 2008

I Love Fall!

My parents may think differently, but I have THE best yard for leave jumping that you ever did see. We have so many big trees and so many leaves. Mommy and I went out on Sunday morning 10/19/08 to do some raking. Apparently this will be the first of many raking expeditions as the yard becomes knee deep quite quickly this time of year. Fine by me!

I love jumping in the piles:

And I even enjoy getting leaves thrown at me, though Mommy admits she went a little overboard in the video - hard to film and throw leaves at the same time. But it sure was fun!

Fun with my Playgroup

My playgroup got together on Saturday 10/18/08 to carve pumpkins. Mommy had to sing at an event near Baltimore with Sound Doctrine, so she missed the fun. But Daddy took a lot of pictures...

Hey, look at the SCARY jack-o-lantern I made - look at all those teeth/fangs:

Rice Crispy Treats go well with pumpking carving:

Daddy and I had a lot of fun!

Strike another Pose!

Random shot from Saturday morning 10/18/08 - I love to crack up my parents - it's very easy to do. I also love to take off my clothes and run around in my diaper, seems to be standard practice at my age. But this onesie was proving quite difficult!:

Jeff Steinberg - LIVE!

Mommy and I finally got to go to a Jeff Steinberg performance with Daddy on Friday 10/17/08 at the Enola First Church of God in Enola PA. I had a wonderful time as did Mommy and Daddy. His story and testimony are very inspiring and he is a great performer. What a wonderful example for what the love of Christ can bring to one's life.

Here's a picture of us with Jeff:

And 2 video clips of the evening. He said I stole some of his thunder at the show!

Strike a Pose!

Just another random cute shot of me. Don't know how Daddy got me to strike this model's pose on Thursday 10/16/08 - though on a second glance it may look like I'm filling my diaper - NOT!:

Remember the Laughing Bag?

Daddy has a classic novelty toy called the Laughing Bag. Remember them? It's all new to me and I LOVE IT! This thing is hysterical. Here's a video of me lip syncing to the thing on Tuesday 10/14/08. Hope it gives you a good chuckle.

Snuggling up to Mommy

Here I am on Friday night 10/10/08 enjoying some Mommy time! Hmmm, her belly is sticking out more these days so it's not as close as I'm used to. Mommy said I should enjoy it for now because soon I'll be feeling kicks and pokes from her belly LOL.

Looking cute in PJs

Daddy couldn't resist taking a picture of me in these cute PJs on the evening of Wed 10/8/08. Too bad I'm almost too big for them...

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Daddy has a Blog

Please go and check out Daddy's great blog called The Other Side of Music. A short description is, "Presenting the unique and curious underbelly of Christian and Gospel music". This has become quite a passion of my Daddy and he finds some really great stuff out there. Believe me, if you listen to the music clips he provides, you too will be entertained and uplifted at the same time. I spend most of days dancing around to this stuff - it's great!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Now I Know All About Helium!

Mommy showed me a cool thing you can do with a balloon filled with helium. She said something about being a very bad influence by showing this to me, but she couldn't resist. I heard the words "not good to do", but it sure was fun. See how silly my Mommy is...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm Twenty-One Months Old

Here I am on Sunday 10/5/08 at twenty-one months old. All I can say is I'm growing and growing and growing...

Happy 90th bday Great Grammom

Great Grammom celebrated her 90th birthday on Saturday 10/4/08. We had a nice time with family at the Olde Greenfield Inn.

We were excited to meet my new 2nd cousin, Nora - she's adorable. I even got to hold her (practice for the future...):

Mommy had to get in some practice too. She forgot how light a newborn is!

I had fun with the crayons and coloring book they gave me at the restaurant. And can you believe the size of the child's chicken parmigiana? Daddy and I finished it for lunch the next day even:

I spent most of my time playing with Nora's sisters Brigid and Claire. We were all given this cool crafty toy called Wikki Stix (wax covered yarn) at the restaurant and they were making bracelets and rings out of the stuff and putting them on me. I ended up with all of the jewelry at the end of the day!

Then Brigid entertained us with her rendition of "My Country 'Tis of Thee". I was most impressed:

And a last shot of me with their Daddy, Dennis:

Bummer, we didn't get a picture of Great Grammom!! Well, she looked wonderful and had a great day - she was all smiles.

Dancing with Myself

I find I like to look at my reflection in the window and entertain myself with song and dance. This performance is from Friday night 10/3/08. What do you think? Do I have a future in it?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cutting the Pumpkins

We did it! On Friday 10/3/08 Daddy broke out the saw and we cut the pumpkins (hey, don't you always use a saw to cut pumpkins?).

I Love a Parade

We went to the New Holland Fair on Wednesday night 10/1/08. They had the longest parade ever. I sure enjoyed it. The best view was from Daddy's shoulders:

I Like Big Elf

Daddy just got the latest CD from Big Elf, a really great band. You can see in these 2 videos taken Wednesday 10/1/08, that I like them too:

The Pumpkins are Orange!

On Wednesday 10/1/08, Daddy got some pictures of me with our wonderful pumpkins that are now a wonderful, bright orange. You can see what they looked like about a month ago here. We're going to have to cut them soon!

I Can Stand on My Head

Well, at least I'm trying to here. I do this quite a bit and love to bear walk too. Gymnast in the making? This was taken on Tuesday 9/30/08:

Love Mommy's Shoes and Socks

I just keep on trying Mommy's shoes on, and on Sunday 9/28/08 I even put her socks on. This, in combination with my PJs is just too much!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mommy says you HAVE to vote

So do a lot of other people, I guess they're kinda famous...