Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grammy's Christmas Party 2010

Hi, Isa here. Grammy continued her tradition as in years past by having a wonderful family Christmas gathering at her house on Thursday evening 12/23/10.

When we arrived, Grammy and Joey met us at the door. Joey is Grammy's new little puppy and we LOVE him!


Here I am showing off my pretty dress for the evening:


And here is Xia in her pretty dress:

122310GrammyChristmasParty03 christmas10

Here's Hans, Kathy, Grammy and Kris. Poor Kris just had some plates and screws put into her leg from a bad break that didn't heal well from the summer!

122310GrammyChristmasParty04 christmas10

And here are Great Grammom and Grandy:

122310GrammyChristmasParty05 christmas10

Cousin Allie and Uncle John are lookin' good:


Here's our cousin Katelyn and her new boyfriend Chris:


Next I got to spend some time rocking in Grammy's rocking chair, which was actually Great Grammom's chair first. And Great Grammom's mother made the seat cushion I'm sitting on. I had some trouble getting started with the rocking:

But then, with Great Grammom's coaching, I got going pretty good:


Here's Kate with the clock Daddy made for her; she really liked it:


Next, Xia and I opened my big cardboard playhouse from the Shirks!

Grammy handed out her presents in the coolest light up bags:

Then Daddy got an old favorite book of his, a Little Golden Book called "The Color Kittens" given back to him and he read it to me!


Xia had some fun with Kate trying to keep pieces of tissue paper up in the air...

And we ended the evening with some more quality time with Joey:



Awww, c'mon, can't we take Joey with us?


Thanks Grammy for another great party! We are so blessed to have such a loving family!

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