Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009

What a nice, quiet Christmas we had. It was just the family - all day - in our pajamas! I think this needs to be the family tradition!

First, some pictures of Xia and Isa coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought:

Next, a dark video of Xia emptying her stocking...

Then, Isa enjoys a musical ball Santa brought for her:

And Xia's favorite gift was a pair of child scissors. She spent most of Christmas morning cutting up wrapping paper!

The BIG gift came as a surprise to everyone. Daddy got us all an amazing keyboard that does a lot of cool stuff (THANKS Daddy!):

Herbie just wonders when life will ever get calm again. Notice he has his eyes covered with his tail:

Hope you all had a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

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