Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Leaves are BACK!

Xia here. Mommy and Daddy always talk about how much they love the trees at our house. They love the shade they provide in the summer to keep the house cool. But boy do they complain every fall when it's time to rake up all those leaves!

Isa and I don't know what the big deal is. We LOVE the leaves and ALWAYS help with the raking (what, using the rake to throw the leaves around after jumping in the pile isn't helping?). Here we are on Monday 11/22/10 playing in a nice pile Mommy helped us to make:

And it's extra fun to run down the hill and then jump in the pile:

Isa's all smiles over it:


We did need to rest a bit on the steps of the back door:



Okay, Mom, close enough!


The piles in just the back yard after all of the raking:


Then it was time to rake them onto the tarp and pull them out front. Daddy did all of that while we continued to play. Another fall is over!

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