Friday, December 17, 2010

Millersville University Homecoming 2010

Mommy here. We had so much fun going back for Millersville's homecoming last year, we decided to do it again. It was held on Saturday 10/23/10.

We got there in the morning and found a nice spot along George Street for the parade. It was interesting to watch the crowd grow and spill into the street on the other side at a house where there was quite a par-tey going on. (Do Xia and Isa REALLY have to go to college?!) Of course, I was never involved in such things back in the day (cough, cough).

The theme this year was westerns or something like that. So here at the beginning of the parade are two very odd blow up things - a cowboy and a cow, coming down the street. Pretty funny:

A funeral home had some Clydesdales (or some other kind of big horses) pull an old style hearse for publicity. Thought it was pretty cool:



Next up was the Lone Ranger himself atop Silver! He even shot off his guns which garnered many cheers - especially from the crowd across the street who were becoming quite rowdy (I don't know why?!...):


The girls were in awe of it all!


A bagpipe band was even present:

We went to the Fall Fling by the stadium after the parade. Xia got to ride a pony:


And we all enjoyed the petting zoo area:



And of course, we couldn't leave before visiting the pond.


Here's a blast from the past, me on the wall by the pond in the Spring of 1988!

What a beautiful day and what special memories for me!

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