Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Afternoon Laugh

Xia's Mommy, Stephanie here. I just posted to my work blog and HAD to share it with all of you here. Please check out the craziest PAPER JAM I've ever seen....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I can finally clap!

Which picture is the best?

Mommy can never delete any picture of me. I mean, that's the beauty of a digital camera, right? Get rid of the bad shots. Can you please help her by telling her which picture(s) are the keepers out of the 4 below. Just give us the number(s) to keep in a comments response (click the comments link at the end of this post). Thanks!

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Number 4:

Daddy and I Love the Residents

Daddy and I sport our Residents T-Shirts together. Am I a Daddy's girl or what!?

The Story of Me Getting Into Daddy's Records

So, now that I'm a pretty good crawler and can get around quickly, I'd like to show you what Daddy caught me doing last Wed (9/12/07).

First some shots of me motoring around the living room:

Then I start to move to the restricted area, checking to see if I'm being watched (I always am doing that):

Thinking that no one is watching, I make my way on top of the record player:

Ah, sweet bliss, touching Daddy's records that I'm not supposed to touch. Is anything more rewarding? To be able to do what the big people do - this, my friends, is my daily goal!

Uh oh, quick, hands off the records, I've been caught! I'm afraid I don't hide the guilt from my face quickly enough:

Whew! My cuteness saves me once again. Daddy is laughing and I'm touching the records again. Boy, I've got these parents all figured out now. I'll never get in trouble if I just throw off my cute charm; piece of cake!

My Pack N Play Teaches Me To Stand

Now and again, my parents just need a break from chasing me all over the place. This is where my Pack N Play comes in handy. Mommy sometimes hates doing it because she feels like I'm a part of a zoo or something, but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. They don't use it much. A benefit though is that it has helped me in the art of pulling myself up. So now I'm doing this all over the place!

My Bouncy Seat Puts Me To Sleep

Mommy and Daddy have been quite happy to discover that my bouncy seat has been known to bounce me right to sleep. Here's the proof:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mommy wants to win a pretty bag

Check out Fresh Vintage - a blog done by one of Mommy's friends. Now Mommy has a chance to win a beautiful handmade bag just for linking you all to it. Check it out!

I'm taking Swimming Lessons

Angela has been taking swimming lessons at the YWCA since she was a little tyke like myself. Mommy and Daddy decided this would be a great way for Daddy and I to get out of the house and have some fun. Boy, were they right. I sure did have fun. I'll be going every Monday morning until the end of November. Miss Chris, my teacher, is wonderful.

Here I am splashing in the water:

And here I am with most of my class. Alex is a 9 month old on the left with his Mommy. Then there's me and Daddy. Next is Miss Chris and the other little boy and Mommy came late, so I didn't catch their names - next time...

And here's a clip from one of our warm up exercises:

What's really cool is Angela's class is right after mine. Here she is with her Mommy (they are in the back):

I'm wearing an 18mo. dress

I may be 8 months old, but on Sunday Mommy decided to try one of my bigger dresses in the closet for church. This dress is size 18 mos and IT FITS!!

Swinging in the Park

I got to go to a picnic with Mommy, Valerie and Angela on Saturday. What fun! I love Angela's hugs and kisses and it's always fun to play with a bigger kid. After the picnic (just before nap time), we hit the swings before going home. Angela and I were both ready for our naps, but we still had some fun on the VERY HOT swings. They had been sitting there in the sun all day.

Here I am in my swing. Luckily, Val had a blanket to keep my legs nice and cool on the hot swing:

Here is Val pushing Angela:

And, of course, a movie clip of the fun:

Friday, September 7, 2007

To Infinity and Beyond

I was just thinking today, who knows how many people have seen this blog? And, does it even reach out into the universe? See what teething can do to the mind?

If you want to make your own rocket, go here.

If you have a lot of free time and want to generate lots of fun stuff, check out The Generator Blog.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm 8 months old!

Can you believe it?! My oh my how the time does fly... Today I am 8 months old. I fit in 12 month and sometimes 18 month clothing. 9 months is a tight fit - but only in length. Stuff is baggy around my middle, but the length, I just keep getting longer and longer...

You can't appreciate how my hair is also growing in these shots, going well over my ears now. I get around very quickly, still doing an inchworm type of crawl with occasional on all 4s moments. Just the other day I discovered how to point - so I'm pointing at everything. Apparently this is all very cute as I get quite the reaction from the 'rents when I point at stuff. I love to turn the pages of my board books too. I babble lots of consonants with vowels like dada mama baba lala - like to make raspberries and such. Mommy and Daddy have started doing weird stuff with their hands when its time to eat or put on shoes - something they call baby sign - don't know what it's all about, but it's quite interesting. They think in a couple of months I'll be doing these hand gestures back at them, we'll see...

Watch me grow by clicking below
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Feb 5, 2007
Mar 5, 2007
Apr 5, 2007
May 5, 2007
Jun 5, 2007
Jul 5, 2007
Aug 5, 2007

Check out my 'new' Bouncy Seat

Aunt Kris and Uncle John loaned us my cousins' Kate and Allie's bouncy seat. Probably only used by Allie. What a hit. I really love it. Daddy loves how I bounce myself right to sleep in it.

Here I am yesterday trying it out for the first time:

Daddy reports today that I bounced myself right into my morning nap - AGAIN!

Grandma Visits for the Holiday Weekend

Mommy and Daddy decided that 8 months of pile up around the house was really starting to get to them. So we asked Grandma if she would be willing to stay with us for the long Labor Day weekend so they could do some clean up, organizing, etc. She said yes! I had such a nice time playing with her all weekend long. Daddy has made quite a dent in the downstairs and basement area and Mommy finally organized her computer/work room and my room. You should see the pile of clothes that don't fit me already!

She is going to use Kizoodle to trade away. This is an awesome site that lets you swap kids and moms stuff. If you decide to check out that great site and start kizoodling, please use her Referral Code: EGARCW If you register and put in the code EGARCW you start with 7 kiz credits to swap with! Check it out!

Anyway, we didn't get any pictures during the busy weekend, but we did get some video. First, you may not see Grandma in this video, but you will definitely HEAR her (sorry Grandma, we couldn't resist sharing this)...

Mommy found this little ball with all of her stuff - now it's MINE:

Fun at Home Last Week

Here are some pics and video of me having fun at home during last week:

First, playing with Daddy on the floor is the best. Doncha love my gaze as I climb over his legs?

And two more videos of fun with Mommy's Exercise Ball:

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

From a fellow Blogger - It's Giving Life That Counts

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