Monday, July 28, 2008

Vote for Me!!!

I do have some tough competition though.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hey, Blueberries Are Also Fun to Play With

Continuing with the food and play theme, I discovered last night (Wed 7/16) that blueberries also bring endless entertainment. Mommy was laughing right along with me. I found that I could put A LOT of blueberries on top of my milk cup. This was just outstanding! I mean, look at that dexterity and skill. Perhaps this will be a new event in the upcoming Olympics? Hurry Mommy, we gotta catch a flight to China...

I start small, building my skill as I go along:

See the progression? Look at ALL those blueberries; I mean, aren't you IMPRESSED?

Of course, it's all fun and games until I decided I could drink from the cup WITH all of the blueberries on top. Hmmm, Mommy didn't like the turn out of that. She found more blueberries on the floor this morning. Oopsy!

Here are some videos that show just HOW MUCH FUN I was having:

Did You Know How Fun Black Beans Are?

Mommy has discovered that I really love beans, all types it seems. I eat chick peas right out of the can. On Tuesday 7/15 I learned that I also like to eat black beans. I was playing with some empty spice bottles in my high chair (these are some of my favorite toys) and then Mommy gave me a stack of measuring cups to also play with. Oooh, that's a new one, really enjoyed that too. I saw her making something with black beans and asked for one, and then for more. So she put them in my favorite little container thinking I'd continue playing and just eat them from that container. Oh boy, do you know how much fun it is to put black beans inside of measuring cups and spice bottles and then take them out and do it all over again? Plus, I can pop one in my mouth whenever I feel like it. Food and play, that's what it's all about!

Here is a photo of the fun time:

And of course, a video:

Monday, July 14, 2008

A day with the Carmos

I was so excited to finally get to visit my second cousin (that's Mommy's cousin), Stacey and her family on Saturday 7/12. Great Aunt Pat and Great Aunt Bobbi were there too. We had so much fun. Mommy is so excited because she finally has her side of the family close by :-)

My cousins once removed, Kaitlyn and Shannon played with me the WHOLE time. Mommy really didn't know what to do with herself as I didn't need her as a playmate at all.

Here are Kaitlyn, Shannon and I playing on a big, cushy chair they have in their living room. Hey, there's enough of me for both of you to play with...

Mommy, I can't breathe, but I'm LOVING this attention:

Are there MONSTERS in this house:

Then we went outside to run around their great big yard and kick some soccer balls around. This one is MINE:

Oooh, NO, this funky blue one is!!:

Look, they taught me how to kick just like them! (Well, kinda...):

Uh, oh... I fell down the steps on the deck. My first big boo boo :-(

I cried for about 30 seconds. Mommy tried to put ice on it, but I was ready to get back to some serious playing. Next up, Badminton! Aunt Pat is ready:

And now I join in on the game:

We didn't leave until 9:30pm, way past my bedtime. I slept like a log - what a fun visit! Hope we can go back soon or they can come visit us! (Hint, Hint, I KNOW you're reading this Stacey...)

Dancing Away the Summertime Blues

I don't really have the Summertime Blues, but I sure did enjoy dancing to Blue Cheer's rendition of the song. Daddy played it for me last Wed 7/10. I really love to dance. Notice in the 2nd video how Daddy does some nice retro moves with the camera at the end.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Eighteen Months Old!

So here I am on Saturday 7/5/08 reaching the 1 1/2 year mark:

I'm talking and babbling quite a lot these days. I can repeat just about anything, so you better be careful what you say around me. I'm running whenever I can and can handle stairs pretty good these days. Still a pretty good eater and I like to try and brush my hair now and then or brush Mommy's hair (sorry Daddy, you don't have enough!). I've joined the ranks of kids around the world who think the words pee pee and poo are hysterical. Mommy can't figure out how that happens with no input from her or Daddy at all...

After the monthly photo op, Daddy wanted to give me a big hug; I just wanted to point at the camera:

Then I decided a big hug would be pretty nice:

Later that day I had fun playing with these cool Sesame Street alphabet linking floor puzzle things we got at a yard sale awhile back. I was having fun running around and screaming so Mommy told Daddy to take a quick video. As usual, I stopped performing once the camera went on:

Mommy had Daddy try again. What you can really see is Mommy's obsessive compulsive streak as she keeps trying to keep the alphabet in order. She can't stand to see D come before C don't you know - LOL. I think I'm helping her to let go a lot of that need for order. You also get to see her controlling nature as she tells Daddy when to stop the video. Silly Mommy, Daddy and I will break you of these behaviors sooner or later...

Happy 4th of July!

What a fun 4th of July we had! I started the day out with a big breakfast and Daddy couldn't resist taking some pics of me. He thinks it's cute how I look over my cup at you while drinking:

I've also come to love bananas of late. I like wearing their stickers too:

In the early afternoon we headed to Aunt Kathy's house. She lives near this great park that has a big 4th of July celebration every year with games and cake walks and band music.

Here I am displaying my beautiful flower hat that a balloon street artist made for me. Not sure I really found this to be a comfortable hat as much as I DO love hats...:

Then Daddy helped me to play a tic-tac-toe game where you have to throw 3 balls and get them in a row. Sadly, I did not succeed, but I sure had fun trying:

I can get around pretty fast these days and I enjoyed running around the park. I almost ran right into a cake walk that was going on, but luckily Mommy scooped me up before knocking into anyone. She's getting in great shape by chasing after me. See Mommy, there are benefits to running after a toddler like me!

Then I got a nice heart painted on my face. This was Daddy's choice. It reminded Mommy of Godspell:

Here are my cousins-once-removed (meaning my Dad's cousin's kids), Brigid and Claire. Brigid will start kindergarten in the fall:

Here are their grandparents (my Great Aunt and Uncle), Pat and John:

And here are Hans and Aunt Kathy. Hans makes a mean hamburger on the grill:

Brigid and Claire and going to have a new sibling at the end of August. Here's their Mommy, Amy showing off her great baby belly:

By this time I was pooped and fell asleep on Daddy's shoulder. A peaceful end to an active day!

Happy 17th Bday Katelyn!

My cousin, Katelyn, turned 17 on 6/27. We all celebrated on Sunday 6/29.

Here's her cake with the candles all lit up:

And here she is blowing out her candles. Geez, she's good. It was all I could do to blow out one!

Grammy took me outside for some fun during the party:

And then I made myself comfortable in this cool chair. Kind of reminds me of this one:

Uncle John tried to get me to look at the camera, but I was too busy playing with the HUGE plastic tub of toys he pulled out for me:

Here's Great Grandmom and Aunt Kathy:

And Great Aunt Martha with Grammy:

And then here's my cousin Allison, Aunt Kris (holding Dash), Daddy and Katelyn:

Then, we went downstairs in their finished basement and had lots of fun. Here I am enjoying the slide:

And then, the disco lights. What a fun bday party!

A Visit from Grandma

We were so glad to see Grandma from Wed 6/25 through Sun 6/29. She came for a nice visit. It's so nice to have her here because she helps out so much. Mommy's favorite part is how Grandma does all of the dishes. When you don't have a dishwasher, this is the BEST gift :-) Personally, I like all of the play time with her.