Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time for Another Trip to the Choo Choo Barn

Xia here. On Friday 12/17/10 we went back to the Choo Choo Barn. Oh yes, I've been here before, but we never get sick of it! Isa was too little the last time we were here to really appreciate it. As you can see, she DEFINITELY is big enough now to see and enjoy it all:


You'd be amazed at the detail in this display. For instance, here is a 3-headed troll disturbing the peace at a campfire:


Or how about this guy using the bathroom in this window (only my Daddy would notice such detail! Of course, he's been coming to this place since it was built!):


I finally got to ride Thomas on our way out:


Even got to make him whistle!

I'm sure we'll be coming back soon!

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