Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Nineteen Months Old!

Need I say more?

St. Mary's Block Party

I had a great time on Sunday 8/3/08 at my church. Every year, the youth group coordinates a block party for the residents that live around the church and really anyone walking along the street that wants to join in the fun. We provide hot dogs and hamburgers, face painting and kiddie games, and music. This year, the band Mommy sings with, Sound Doctrine, provided the music. And my Godfather, Phil, did a lot of the cooking on the grill.

I had fun dancing with my friend Maryam:

And I won a box of crayons because of my amazing accuracy in "throwing" the bean bag through the hole:

And now for some shots of the band, from left it's Tim, Heather, and Mommy in front, then Doug (filling in for Brian), John and Fred in the back. We were so glad that Daddy's good friend Doug could fill in for Brian.

Tim is the lead singer and the most incredible acoustic guitar player evah. He is so talented:

Here's Heather and Mommy who sing the harmonies for the songs. Heather has such a beautiful voice. Mommy doesn't do too bad either:

John is the amazing bass player, he can get some pretty funky grooves on:

And Fred plays electric and STEEL guitar. Now that's talent:

A lot of people came during the party and everyone had a great time.

Congratulations Timothy and Caroline!

On Saturday 8/2/08 we went to a wonderful wedding. Timothy Quigley is a member of our church and you can read all about his wonderful family here. He and Caroline had a beautiful wedding and we all really enjoyed ourselves. We are so happy for the both of them.

Here they are exiting the church in a sea of bubbles. Timothy's holding his youngest sister (out of 9 siblings), Maria, who is only 1 month older than me:

Next, a photo of their first dance together as husband and wife followed by a video clip:

Apparently, Mommy has discovered Daddy WILL dance at a wedding, as long as I am around. This was a lot of fun:

I really got into this dancing at weddings thing. The first clip below I'm just taking it all in, but the second one shows how I definitely warmed up:

Thanks guys for a great time. Your love is evident and we wish you many blessings as you begin your lives together:

Missing Vivi

Our family has become good friends with a wonderful person. Her name is Vivi and she is a member of our church. Mommy met her at a prayer group earlier this year. She and Brian, the drummer in the Praise & Worship group that Mommy sings in (Sound Doctrine) started dating also this year. They are a very happy couple. Though they aren't as happy right now because Vivi had to return to her home country of Indonesia almost 2 weeks ago. That country is VERY far away, all around the world. But, Brian and Vivi hope to marry next year, so she will be back :-)

Here is a picture of us with Vivi taken at her going away party. We miss you Vivi!

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Sibling for Me? Dancing for Joy!

So Mommy and Daddy found out yesterday that I'm going to have a little brother or sister, God willing. We'd love all the prayers and positive energy you could send our way for a healthy first trimester and beyond. Mommy has heard it's not a good idea at her ripe old age of 39 to share this news so early in the game (only about 2 1/2 weeks along probably), but those of you who know my Mommy know she CANNOT hold something like this in! Heck, she let you see me moving around in her belly way back when - she's all about TMI and all...

Here's a little video of me this morning to brighten your day. This is the first time I've worn this dress and I really liked how it moved around my legs. Mommy thinks it's a bit too big, but I loved the length and frolicked around in it as you can see:

May you frolic in the joy that is life today!

Trip to Willow Valley Park/Petting Zoo

On Wednesday 7/30/08, Daddy, Grammy and I went to the Willow Valley Resort's Park/Petting Zoo. A playgroup I belong to was going so there were lots of other kids there too.

First, Grammy and I look at some ducks in the pond:

Awww, come on Grammy, can't I go swim with them?

Okay, let's go play tic tac toe now...

Ha ha, I'm the 'X' Grammy - I've got you now with my next move - look, 2 chances to win!

C'mon Grammy, I heard there's a cool covered bridge around here somewhere...

Ooooh, this is so cool - a covered people-bridge:

Down the ramp I go...

And up the ramp I go...

Yeah Grammy, this is so much fun, let's break outta here:

We made it:

Lastly, I do my best to round up the ducks. Just like a little duck shepherd - is there such a thing? All right ducks, now listen up...

Hey, not THAT way!

C'mon quack quacks, let's get this line together right. Why are you all giving me your backsides!!

Now, that's more like it. I now have your full attention. Ready everybody? One, two, three... QUACK!!

Time to Catch Up

Mommy has been pretty busy getting a workshop together that she's doing outside of her day job. She's doing some consulting which is good but taking up a lot of time. So this post is just a mish mash of happenings since I last updated you.

Sunday 7/20/08 Mommy decided she needed a picture of my cute yellow dress, so here it is:

Tuesday 7/22/08 Mommy put some piggy tails in my hair for the first time. Not just the little ones on top of my head but the side ones (if that makes any sense). Kept me nice and cool:

Wednesday 7/23/08 - went to my 18 month well baby check up. I'm healthy as can be. I am now 33 3/4 " long and 24lbs. 4oz. in weight. I have a big head (just like Mommy) at 19" circumference. I'm in the 95th percentile for height and 50th for weight, progressing along just fine :-)

Thursday 7/24/08 I had fun playing with my good playmate, Herbie:

On Friday 7/25/08 we went to a picnic open to the families of those who would be attending the Family-Centered Learning Conference the next day. We had a lot of fun meeting a bunch of families and Mommy had a wonderful time at the conference the next day.

Swinging with Daddy:

I can slide by myself now:

Monday 7/28/08 - Just me being my silly self. I enjoy taking shirts off and putting them back on, though I can only get them over my head; still can't master putting my arms in those little holes: