Sunday, January 30, 2011

Isa is Twenty Two Months Old


On Sunday 1/30/11 I turned Twenty Two Months Old. Mommy wanted me to take my hat off, but I insisted on leaving it on...


And it took a couple of shots before I actually opened my eyes. I've taken to closing my eyes when the camera flashes:


Use the links below to see how I've grown by clicking on the number of months...

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Bendaroos Fun

Mommy and I had some fun on Sunday 1/30/11 playing with the Bendaroos Grammy got me for my birthday.

Here we are making a yellow hippo:


Xia Style

Time for some pictures of my style. Here I am on Saturday 1/29/11 with a shirt Daddy and I found in my drawer. Mommy thinks we found it at yard sales over the summer, but we're not sure. Anyway, we all really love the shirt. Mommy even put some little clips in my hair to add to my style. Gee, and all we were doing was going grocery shopping...




We Got Snowman Snow

On Wednesday 1/26/11, we had a nice little snow - about a foot. Mommy had the day off from work so we built ourselves a big snowman. She has been waiting years for a nice wet snow to fall while she was home. Finally, the day came.

Here are some pictures we took the next day. Thanks to Grandma for coming up with the great idea to use plastic Easter eggs for the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons! She's so creative.



Mommy took some pictures of the house and street too:



Xia's Dance Class

Here are some videos from my dance class on Monday 1/24/11. We're learning a routine for our show in May. This song, "Kiss the Girl" is from the movie, "The Little Mermaid". I just watched that movie for the first time with Mommy this week. I like it!

Mommy distracted me a bit with this take:

When a Toy's Primary Function Has Expired

Hi, Isa here. I enjoyed my walker toy when I was first learning to walk. Now that I'm able to walk fine on my own, Xia and I have found a new use for the toy. Here we are on Sunday 1/23/11. Aren't we inventive?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maggie Moo at the Library

Maggie Moo came to the library on Monday 1/17/11. Remember the last time we saw her? It was ice cream day, even though it was so cold outside!

Xia and I made some nice pictures and crafts while eating ice cream and high fiving and hugging Maggie Moo. Here's my big cone:


Here's Xia's self portrait eating her cone:


And here's how Xia would prefer to eat ice cream. Forget the cone and bring on the scoops!!


Sunday Fun When the Braids Come Out

Sunday afternoon, 1/16/11, we had some fun playing with my new hopscotch pieces. Who knew you could make necklaces and hats out of them:

After such a busy Saturday, Isa had an impromptu nap on the couch a bit later. I decided piling stuff on top of Isa would be a fun game. Poor Isa:


And here's what we looked like that night after Mommy took out our braids... I'm cracking up at my reflection in the mirror:


Isa thinks it's all rather hysterical:




Needless to say, we didn't go to bed right away after all of that excitement!

Xia's 4th Birthday Party

Finally, on Saturday 1/15/11 we had my birthday party. We were all pretty sick for awhile and didn't want to invite anybody over until the germs were out of the house. We went for a smaller gathering of just family and God family. (Made for a calmer party than other years)

When my God family, the Smiths, arrived, everyone had to pile into our cardboard house. Here's Alison, Zianna and me:


Even God Daddy Phil fit in there!


We had fun decorating the house while God Daddy Phil was telling everyone about the first few nights with Zianna in their lives:

Then it was cake time. I was very excited about my Scooby Doo cake. I enjoy the classic shows that Daddy got for me:


It even had the Mystery Machine!


Time to blow out the candles; did you get all 4 on there?


It's hard to tell, but these cool candles that Grammy won at our Christmas party's "Now you have it, now you don't" game actually burn in COLOR!


Happy Birthday to me!

Love from God Daddy Phil after finishing my yummy cake and ice cream:


Isa enjoyed the cake too:


Isa is making a very funny sound by sliding her wipee across the balloon Grammy is holding:

Okay, let's open up these gifts...

A book of daily devotionals and prayers from my God Family:


And I loved the card God Daddy Phil made for me. Here's the front:


Here's the inside:


And he even put this nice picture of me with him taken at Isa's baptism:


Here I'm opening a really cool card from my Great Aunt Martha:


Love the card:



A card from Grammy:




She got me these cool things called Bendaroos that I can't wait to play with.

Cousin Stephanie and Kelly gave me a wonderful book, "Art and Max" (this has become Mommy's favorite!)



Great Grammom wasn't feeling very well, but she sent along a card:



Then I opened my gifts from Mommy, Daddy and Isa. They got me a cool interlocking hopscotch game and a Razor Scooter. They thought the Razor would be the hit, but I really do love hopscotch!

Their card was funny too and talked to me:



Although Grandma couldn't come over those snowy mountains, she did send a card:



I received the always sent Nolen Birthday Card. It's Great Aunt Cathy sends a card to EVERYONE in the whole family for their birthday. It's neat because we all get the same card that year:



And cousin Christy and the Texas Orendorffs have started sending cards to everyone on their birthday!



I think Isa was wondering where her presents were...


Zianna comforted her and reminded her that they are both turning 2 very soon! In fact, Zianna's birthday was on 2 days away!


With that, Isa was off and running with her party hat. Is it a unicorn or is it Isa?

God Mommy Sadie watches the unicorn running in circles:


And then it was time for everyone to leave. Zianna didn't really want to go...


Later that night, Isa modeled the scarf that God Mommy Sadie knitted for me. She even made matching leg warmers to go with it!


Whew, another amazing birthday. So when can we do this again? Mommy seemed relieved when she told me not for another year!