Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time to Decorate the Christmas Tree

As in years past, on Sunday 11/28/10, we put up and decorated the Christmas tree.

Xia decorates - This looks like a good spot:


Almost there...


What do you think?


Isa's turn. Hmmm, should I put on the bell...


Or this AMAZING disco ball!


Here goes another one:


Mommy found the famous Santa on a Chicken ornament from Daddy's childhood:

The bell still has not made it to the tree as Xia and Isa both like it so much. Also, Xia points out the pretty bird ornament Grammy gave her last year:

After we were all done, we had to redecorate the tree so that only the top 1/3 of it has ornaments. Seems little hands just cannot stay away...

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