Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

St. Mary's is always so beautiful for Christmas. We can hardly wait to see it each year. On Friday evening 12/24/10, it seemed even more spectacular than ever. This year the church has been restoring the murals at the front of the church and the center Assumption painting was just completed and put back in it's place this week! It looks so much brighter and there were details we had never seen before. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of it, but here's an article from our local paper that talks about it.

Here's a panoramic video sweep of the amazing decorations:

And a nice family shot in front of the altar:


And we just love the manger scene and enjoy the procession at the beginning of mass where Father Leo carries the baby in high above his head and lays him in the manger. Advent is over, the waiting is over, Jesus is here! Here are Daddy and Isa looking at the scene:


Xia joins in:


It's beautiful:

Okay girls, let's get a shot in front of the manger:

Trying to get them to pose...


That's better:


Okay Isa, we're home, you can take your coat off now (hmmmm, looks familiar: that's Xia Christmas 2008)


Hey, Isa, what's the name of the guy in red who's coming tonight? Oh, why won't she say it? It's so cute the way she says "Santa". You catch it just once here:

Hey Isa, let me get one more shot of you in that dress (Xia conked out on the way home from mass, so no more pics of her):


Hmmm, that dress looks familiar too. But here's the thing. Xia wore it at 11 months old and Isa is wearing it at almost 21 months old!

She does seem to enjoy twirling in it as she sings "Jingle Bells":

Okay, let's all get to bed so Santa can come!!

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