Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Party 2009 at Grammy's

Hi, it's Xia again. We all got together on Wednesday 12/23/09 for a Christmas Party at Grammy's house. I was so surprised when Santa came! And Mrs. Claus and 2 elves. Surprisingly they all looked a lot like Uncle John, Aunt Kris and cousins Kate and Allie...

Here is Isa sitting on Santa's lap:

And here's a cool gift for me from Santa. The marbles roll down...

Here's the Claus family:

Mommy and Isa got in on the act:

Here I am in a wonderful Grammy hug:
Isa has fun with some toys:

Isa enjoys her new Doggy Sounds Toy as Daddy and Aunt Kris look on:

MomMom and Uncle John relax on the couch:

Here I am in an elf hat:

Kate and I pose for a picture:

Hans and Aunt Kathy looking happy:

And the evening came to a wonderful close as Isa snuggled asleep on Grandy. What a happy Christmas party!

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