Monday, December 29, 2008

Family Christmas Eve Gathering 2008

Grammy had her yearly Christmas Eve gathering at her house on Wednesday evening 12/24/08. Here I am at home getting ready to leave. I have on a pretty dress and my lovely dress coat (thanks Angela!):

Here are some family shots, first Aunt Kris:

Next Hans and Aunt Kathy:

Great GrandMom (aka MomMom), Uncle John and cousin Allie:

Here I am opening a gift from Grammy - a t-shirt with cool bugs all over it (Grammy does some part-time work at the North Museum):

I LOVED another gift from Grammy, a baby doll that laughs, coos, cries and all kinds of stuff. I kept giving her big hugs and kisses every time she cried. This will be good practice for my little sister to come:

We got my cousin Allie a fart machine for her gift. What every tween needs. Here I am playing with it:

I also enjoyed the Sock Monkey Jack-in-the-box my sister to be got from the Shirks. What's the harm in playing with it until she arrives?:

and they also got me a Mini Whinnies figurine/barn set. As you can see, my baby doll had to be quite involved in everything the rest of the evening:

Thanks Grammy, we had a WONDERFUL time with everyone!

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