Monday, December 29, 2008

My Sister Has a Name!!

Mommy and Daddy finally decided on Isa Serena. Isn't that beautiful? Many people asked if we would go with the XYZ initials theme, and if I were having a brother, his name would have been Xander Yates Zimmerman. That was actually my name until they found out I was a girl, you see. Mommy grew up with a younger sister and she feels sisters need to be unique and that a younger sister would NOT appreciate having the same initials as her older sister. Plus, there really aren't a lot of great female "X" names out there. So we decided to go with the 3-letter theme to narrow the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of choices out there. In the end it boiled down to Isa (which is pronounces EEESA) or Tea (pronounced tayah).

Isa was the name of one of the Spanish Exchange students hosted by Mommy's good high school friend, so it came to mind. Daddy liked the sound of it and it's very easy for me to say. Mommy's first choice for a name for a girl was Serena, but Daddy wasn't real keen on that and then the whole 3-letter obsession set in, so that is now the middle name cause it goes great with Isa.

So what does it mean? Well, Isa is the short form of Isabel in Spanish or Isabella as we know it in the US. This has a hebrew origin meaning "My God is a vow". It's also a form of the name Elizabeth. Serena is from the Latin word serenus and means "composed, peaceful, cheerful" (one can only hope!). So we'll think of her as "the peaceful one who loves God".

In case you forget what my name means, here's an exerpt from a very early post explaining my whole name story:

"Xia is pronounced "Zee-ah" - at least that's the way Mommy and Daddy say it. It's actually a Chinese name and means "glow of the sunrise". Another pronounciation is "Shah", but I like "Zee-ah" better, it's more fun. Hey, it's also a dynasty in China's history, though some debate that fact. Yeriel is pronounced like the name Ariel (you know, the Little Mermaid - some old Disney movie way before my time) but you put a "Y" sound before it. It's a Hebrew name that means "founded by God". So this is cool, I am the glow of the sunrise founded by God - wow, I'm pretty amazing!"

We look forward to meeting you Isa!!!


  1. What a great name! Won't be long until you'll be meeting your baby sister.

  2. I know, I can't wait. I bet little Eva is growing fast and I can't wait to meet her :-)