Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Elephant Hat

So I have discovered that one of my baby toys makes a most excellent hat. If you turn this elephant inside out, it is actually a soft little ball. 2 other little balls fit inside of it that also turn into animals. The ears are crinkly and fun to play with. Well, on Thursday 12/11/08 I discovered that wearing this all day as a hat is a lot of fun.

Here's what I looked like when Mommy came home for lunch - boy did she crack up. Her words "you truly are a little kid now - this is such a little kid thing to do!" She really loves my creativity:

Mommy especially likes it when I put it on this way with the elephant's tuft of hair right between my eyes. She calls it my version of a Shriner hat (aka a Fez).

I continued the fun on Saturday 12/13/08. I have found that I play much better when sporting this "hat":
And I'll finish this post by saying Herbie is the best playmate around. Mommy and Daddy say he puts up with way too much, and he does have his limits (as my scratches will attest to). For some reason my parents are starting to worry about how I will treat my baby sister... I don't know what they are so hyped up about, do you?

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