Monday, December 1, 2008

Rain, Rainbows and Puddles

On Saturday 11/15/08, we had a very warm, rainy day. Mommy spotted a beautiful, full rainbow and she and I ran out to see it. This photo only caught the end of it before it faded away. It had been very bright and pretty and the whole arc showed. This was the first rainbow I've ever seen and I thought it was beautiful:

Mommy and I then took a long walk around the neighborhood and I thoroughly enjoyed splashing in as many puddles as I could find:


  1. What a beautiful scene with the leaves. I love the rain. Xia's 23 months old today. One more month until the big 2 year old. Are you all ready for that?

    Xia, you are too cute as always. Enjoy those puddles. They are alot of fun, and rainbows are pretty too.


  2. That's right - I'm 23 months old today! So far I think Mommy and Daddy are handling my emerging independence pretty well. We'll see how the future goes... I loved the puddles and rainbows, hope to see more soon!