Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Twenty-three Months Old!

On Friday 12/5/08 I hit the big 23 months. That's right, just one more month before the big 2! I'm almost 30lbs, getting taller every day (don't know exact height just now) and wearing 3Ts pretty comfortably. I talk - a lot! I can tell whole stories, though Mommy and Daddy get most of it, sometimes I just babble in parts. It's a lot of fun being able to really express myself.

I may outgrow the quilt soon:

And, I've become quite the multitasker. Here I am showing off my skills of patting my head, rubbing my stomach AND standing on one foot, all at the same time:


  1. Great picture Xia. And I loved the video! I love all your videos ---I ask my mommy to let me watch them every day. See you at church.


  2. Thanks Mia! I enjoyed seeing your do your split and other acrobats in a video on your Mommy's blog a few weeks back. Tell her to put more of them up :-)