Monday, December 1, 2008

Fun with Playgroup

My playgroup got together at Ava's house on Sunday 11/16/08. We each brought some leaves and used them to create some fun fingerpainting masterpieces. Mostly we just had a good time in Ava's downstairs play area.

Here's Kaden having fun with a ball popping toy - hey, I have one of these too! That's his mom Grisely and he's going to have a baby sister by the end of this month!

Careful, I've been hit in the face by those balls many times at home - keep a safe distance!

Some video of each of us playing:

I enjoyed Ava's rocking horse, thought I was a bit timid at first:

Here's Ava on her ride-on toy, we all really like that one:

And we finished the play with some snacks since we had all worked up an appetite. So what exactly is the big deal about taking a bite of something and then putting it back on the plate? I wouldn't want to waste it!:


  1. I just love this video, they just look so cute munching away on their snacks.