Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Playgroup at My House for Christmas Craft Fun

My playgroup came over to my house on Sunday 12/14/08 and I got to show off my new and improved playroom (Mommy worked hard on this over Thanksgiving). I love the stove from my cousins Kira and Marlon and so did my friends.

Here's a shot of the 3 girls, Ava and Alleha and Me. We were all born days apart. Ava was born 12/26/06, Alleha was born 1/3/07 and I was born 1/5/07 (guess I'm the youngest). The baby in the background is Alleha's new sister Analeigh (I'm sure the spelling is not right on these names, but you get the idea). Kaden didn't make it this time as he has a brand new sister at home right now who was born a few weeks ago. Poor Kaden, we need some more boys in the group!

I had some fun throwing a ball around while Ava was playing at the kitchen:

Here's Alleha playing with some dolls at the kitchen:

Cute Ava (she's tall like me):

Ava and I dancing to my little Dora fake CD player:

Huong with Analeigh (5 mos):

Then we started working on our little craft project. Mommy found a nice easy foam wreath project at a craft store. Everything you need in one box. Here I am sticking on the embellishments:

Here I am pulling off the embellishments:

And now I'm just sticking the embellishments on my nose!

I really DID end up with a completed wreath, luckily these pieces are REALLY sticky and Mommy finally got everything where it needed to be.

Lastly, we ended the day with a Ring Around the Rosie. I was the only one who "fell down" - what a fun day!

By the way, if you'd like to join this playgroup, we'd love to have you. Go to the Lancaster Working Parents webpage and click the Register link to sign up!


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun time! Can't wait to see you all soon.

  2. We're looking forward to seeing you too. Can't wait to meet Eva! Merry Christmas,
    Xia, Stephanie and Bill