Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Angela Turns 3!

My good friend Angela, aka Angie, turned 3 on Sunday 6/8/08. She had a big birthday party on Saturday 6/7/08. It was 97 degrees - thank goodness there was water play involved!! You've seen her on this blog many times before, she's Mommy's Goddaughter.

There were so many different activities to do and each were so much fun. Angie's Mommy (Valerie) had hung up big posterboard and had these great neon paints we could use to paint on them. This is the first time I did such a thing - I think I'm pretty good!

Next we played pin the nose on the smiley face. I decided my belly was a much better spot for a nose!

Then we all changed into our bathing suits and had a great time on the slip n slide

Notice the little tent in the back, there you could use some paints to paint your face, very cool. Angie gave me some nice designs all over my face. Didn't get a picture of that one.

Then it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" and blow out the candles:

Happy 3 years Angela! I'm glad I got to come to your AWESOME party :-)

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