Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yard Sale Season is Back!

Whoo-hoo, the yard sales are back. Mommy, Daddy and I all went to a great big one in one of those fancy developments last Saturday (4/26/08). I picked up some nice t-shirts and shorts for the coming summer. I also got 3 FREE stuffed animals. I have learned I have the power to be given stuff for free. Hey, I'm a superhero, I mean this is an awesome power. I go pick up a toy I really want and I hug and kiss it and BINGO, the sales person says "Oh, you are so cute, you can just have that for free, you don't have to pay for it". Wow, it happened at 2 different spots. Mommy even tried to offer something and they wouldn't take it. She's going to take me to Costco this Saturday and let me hug and kiss a big HDTV (oh, she was just kidding). I also picked up some GORGEOUS purses that you really must see:

Here's a sweet pink number that dangles nicely from my wrist:

Another view with the pink purse. This outfit is from my good friend Angela. I get the best stuff from her:

Of course, this cannot be complete without one of my closeups:

And a video of me with the purses. You can see another sparkly pink one and a nice metal mini suitcase. Because I wanted to sit on Mommy's lap while she was doing this, you mostly see the back of my head!

Happy yardsaling!


  1. Got your blog url from the Mom Bloggers Club. I enjoyed stopping by! How did you get listed on their site as one of the tree blogs to visit? Just curious, as my blog is relatively new and I'd love to get listed too. Thanks!

  2. Hi Genny,

    Xia's Mommy here. I didn't even realized they had listed me the other day, thanks for the heads up. I think they just pick people randomly. Though it may be because I put them in my Twitter feed to follow so I got noticed. Perhaps, give it a try!