Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm Sixteen Months Old!

On Monday 5/5/08 I turned 16 months old. I'm learning a lot more baby signs lately and they sure do come in handy when I'm trying to communicate as I don't speak a lot of words yet. But boy do I try. I say Momma and Dada sometimes Daddy and Baby and the beginning of bottle. I'm very good at saying no, my favorite word and up, my second favorite. I understand quite a bit and am told I'm a good listener. My hair is getting longer as am I! Now I'm wearing 2T and 3Ts depending and my feet are like a 51/2 to 6. Big girl! I'm a good eater for the most part, not too picky and Mommy hopes I stay that way. She makes most of my food. Well, that's the latest in my growth for ya.

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