Thursday, May 1, 2008

Playgroup at Long's Park

Oh I had so much fun last Sunday (4/27/08) at Long's Park with my Playgroup. Although it wasn't sunny, at least it didn't rain.

Here we are playing with a great big pink ball:

Hey Nathan, can I have a turn?

Here Alleha, you can play with this ball:

Or maybe I'll just run away with it myself on second thought:

Okay everybody, like, check it out, I like found these like awesome sunglasses yard saling yesterday. I've like totally got my 80s groove on:

New members of the group Leslie with her 5 month old, Van. Sooo cute!

Leslie brought along her friend and her daughter Zoe, another cutie:

Cherie looks like she's about to sneeze as she holds Ava:

We ALL loved the bubbles Huong and Alleha brought with them:

Before we left the park, we took a little walk near the pond. Daddy made a tree snow petals on me - wheeee

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  1. How fun! I wish we had a playgroup (and a park) like yours!

    If you haven't already, be sure to enter the Mother's Day Blog Bash Giveaway at There are LOTS of door prizes! Submit your entry by noon tomorrow (May 2nd) to DOUBLE your chances! Hope to see you there!