Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wecome to the world baby Matthew

My good friend Angela just got a new baby brother on 2/5/08. His name is Matthew and he's soooo cute. Here he is just hours after being born (he was 7lbs 1oz and 19in long):

And here's the whole family, Valerie, Matthew, Angela and Dan - what a happy day:

Then, on Saturday 2/9/07 - Mommy and I went for a visit, here are some shots from that. First, seems Matthew catches flies when he sleeps - just like me:

Mommy holds Matthew - hmmm, doesn't her face look like she'd like one of these again?...

There was a time when it was just Val and Mommy as friends, my, their friends/families are growing:

Here I get up close and personal to cute little Matthew:


  1. Oh wow Baby Matthew was born three days before my Sharlet! How cool!! Stephanie ready for another baby? I'm rooting for you!!! They are so precious!

  2. Could Matthew be future hubby material for Sharlet? LOL Of course, I may want to marry younger, so beware! Hmmmm, Mommy says she's ready for whatever God throws her way. I'm routing for a sibling!