Friday, May 9, 2008

Future Basketball Star?

So Mommy is tall for those of you who don't know (5'10"). Accordingly, she played some basketball when she was younger. She wasn't a star, but being tall and big, she played some good defense and made her share of baskets. We went to the park on Wed 5/7/08 and for the first time, there was not a bunch of guys playing bball. So I had fun running around the court. All indications point to tallness in my futuer. Perhaps I'll play one day? Though I love to watch the soccer when we are there too. Mommy snapped 2 photos and a video using her camera, so the quality isn't that great, but here you go anyway:

It's not THAT high:

Now just wait! Are you SURE you don't sit when making a foul shot?

She sits, she scores (arms up) - YEAH!

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