Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wed 5/21/08 with the Zimmermans

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise in the backyard:

Daddy and I had fun shopping at the Dollar Tree. I picked out these beauties myself (I'm thinking they'll go well with the previous pink hat!):

Then, in the evening, I decided to join Mommy as she read the paper. Mommy usually likes to get it in after dinner, but she's torn because she wants to play with me too before my bedtime. So, she plopped me on her lap. I am imitating Mommy here, pointing to the stories and sharing about them like she does with Daddy, then resting my hand under my chin as she does too. Mommy was amazed at how much I pick up on watching what she and Daddy do and imitating their behavior! She said something about having to watch a little more closely what she does in front of me - what? does she think I would embarass her or something...?

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