Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maryam's First Communion

Sunday 5/4/08 was another day of celebrating First Communions. My friend Maryam celebrated her first communion during mass that day. Here is her wonderful family:

After mass, Mommy got to ride in the back seat of our Hyundai Tiburon with me (not easy for a 5'10" woman in a skirt and heels - it is a 2 door coupe - yeah, the 'rents bought it when they thought they couldn't have kids, but they own it now, so we deal!) I entertained myself by trying to swallow her water bottle whole (don't worry, no choking hazard, I was supervised!):

Maryam had such a pretty dress:

And her tiera/veil was what her Mommy wore for her wedding - how cool is that!

My favorite part of the day was playing on their sliding board in the back yard:

What a fun, and exhausting day of celebrating Jesus with so many awesome people!

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  1. Hey, what a wonderful post. Thank you for posting all of it. We loved having you guys over. We'll have to do it more often! :)