Monday, January 7, 2008

1st Birthday Fun

I have to say my First Birthday was a lot of fun. We had a lot of friends and family stop by during the day. I think I'll tell it with pictures as usual...

I asked for an Elmo themed party (well, that's what the 'rents determined I wanted anyway, I do love my Elmo). Here's a shot of the big Elmo cake (Mr Noodle is on the left and Dorothy - the goldfish - is on the right in her bowl and Elmo in the middle):

Here's a shot of the whole spread. You can't tell but the crepe paper and window decor also had Elmo themes:

Here was the free baby cake that came with the big cake (for 1st birthdays only). Mommy and Daddy decided not to let me have at this but I did get a finger of the icing on the top left side. I actually made a face of yuck after licking it off my finger, so they probably did the right thing by skipping that ritual. They are holding off sugar until I'm a little older and understand what one or a few means.

Here is the 'cake' Mommy made for me. It's a nice blueberry/apple muffin shaped like a cake with cream cheese frosting. I enjoyed it VERY much (that's my Godfather, Phil, with me):

And a video too:

Can someone PLEASE take of this hat?!

Here I am showing off my playroom to some of the guests. It was fun to have other kids in there with me!:

I finally got to meet little Bodi - he's just a month younger than me. That's his Daddy, Brian and Mommy, Michelle. Michelle made me THE greatest hat with my name on it. Once Mommy gets a good picture of me in it, she'll be sure to share it with all of you:

Mike, Amanda, Eli and Kylie made it too!

Here is Eli modeling the Christmas present we got for him. It roars too:

Here's my Godfather, Phil again and Grandma made it the whole way across state for my party. I was SO happy to see her:

Here's Grandy on the left, and Kathryn with her Daddy - Doug. Doug has been friends with my Daddy since they were about Kathryn's age. She is such a cool girl and I believe she will be a famous actress someday!

I'm getting better and better and opening presents:

Whew, what a great day! Thanks to EVERYONE who came. It's such a blessing to have so many loving people in our lives.

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  1. Dear Xia,
    Just realized you had a Birthday this month! Happy first Birthday, baby girl!