Monday, February 15, 2010

Isa is Ten Months Old!

I turned 10 months old on Saturday 1/30/10. I can pull myself up now and kind of cruise around on furniture. I'm starting to try some bread with cream cheese and some organic puffs snack here and there. It's fun trying to get the small bits of food into my mouth. I can sign "more", "light", "milk" and am learning others. I understand A LOT!! I call my Daddy "Da" and am saying other words that nobody understands. But I can get my meaning across. Lots of hair and Mommy has started giving me the Pebbles ponytail (just like Xia). I seem to tolerate barrettes better than Xia did, so I sport those now and again too. I'm doing well and everyone is grateful that I'm quite a healthy girl!

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