Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vacation Time - Indiana PA - Day 4 - Orendorff Reunion 2010

It's Xia here. Yes indeed, it was that time again on Saturday 6/26/10 - the yearly Orendorff Reunion. Remember 2007, 2008 and 2009? We always look forward to this yearly gathering as it's really the only time we get to see the whole family on Mommy's side. Remember, Grandma is one of 12 children, so it's a really BIG family!

Isa really enjoyed the park and all of it's dandelions:

Here's my cousin once-removed (COR) Matt with sweet daughter Kathryn, my 2nd cousin (2C) (Hey, if you're confused about how cousins stuff works, check out this link):

Great Aunt Bobbi, COR Christie and Great Aunt Debbie kickin' it in their cool shades:

COR Christie, and COR Kim along with Great Aunt Cathy:

We were all VERY HAPPY to see my COR, Teddy, at the reunion. He sure had a scary health scare this past year and he's looking so great!

Here's some more of the reunion crowd:

Then some BIG YELLOW FUN came on the scene with this giant blow up yellow ball that you could climb in and roll around in. Thanks to my COR Kelly and his family for bringing this to the reunion!

The yellow blob appears:

My 2C, Abby (Kelly's daughter) climbs inside:

Then I get brave enough to climb in...

Hmmmm, maybe it's more fun to just roll it?

Petersons and Nolens hangin' at the swingset:

My next piece of fun was the merry-go-round:

I had to hang on tight with everybody!

Here's my 2C Jake:

Then I made a friend and we rode a plane together:

Next up, the coveted "white elephant" gift. A yearly tradition of getting rid of our junk which will become someones treasure!

Great Aunt Cathy keeps the game flowing in true teacher style (there are MANY teachers in this family!):

COR Shawn won the sweater of the year; we were all quite jealous! He couldn't wait to model his prize:

Here I am opening mine as the curious watch (I got some little mice that light up and you wear them on the end of your fingers):

Great uncle Dick watches it all unfold while holding his grandson, 2C Greyson:

Then it was back to playing on the playground. Looks like I'm in jail here...

Donning Mommy's shades:

Then it was time for the family photos. First up, all of the children. We miss Great Aunt Joanne and Great Uncle Tom who are with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa now. And Great Uncle Harry and Great Aunt MaryBeth did not make it this year. But Patti, Dick, Judy (Grandma!), Cathy, Jerry, Debbie, Bobbi and Lori are all here!

Next, the Nolens (Cathy's family):

COR Richard:

The Petersons (JoAnne's family):

The Orendorffs (Dick's family):

The Borgos (Bobbi's family):

The Orendorffs (Harry's family):

The Adams (Judy's family - that's us!!):

And last, but not least, just us Zimmermans!

Once again, a wonderful family reunion!

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