Saturday, June 20, 2009

Orendorff Renion 2009

And so the yearly tradition continues as you can see from the previous years' reunions in 2007 and 2008. On Saturday 6/13/09 we all gathered for the big Orendorff Reunion. Grandma was one of 12 kids and Mommy grew up with many cousins and aunts and uncles surrounding her throughout her childhood. We love getting together.

The day began with all of us in bed at Grandma's house. Kira and Marlon stayed there too while we were in town:

Here's a shot of Isa with another newbie, 2nd cousin Grayson (Julie & Nick Brunetto's new little man):

Here are Mommy's cousins Karen and Lisa meeting Isa for the first time:

Here's a new way to play shuffleboard - slide the pieces between little legs:

Xia thinks the shuffleboard pieces are Tubby Toast!

Kelly and Christy Smith even rented a snow cone machine for the day:

Here are our great Aunts - Marybeth, Cokey and Patti looking at old photos:

Boy, Angus (Gus) Smith sure grew up over the past year:

Mommy's Godmother Cathy and cousin Beth:

Xia really wore Daddy out - he chased her all over all day...

Natalie, Emily and Julie Smith:
Xia wore herself out! This is also a good shot of the T-shirts for this year. There are 2 birds at the top to signify Grandma and Grandpa Orendorff (well that would be great grandma and grandpa to us), then 12 branches below to signify the 12 kids, then a bunch of shoots off of those branches to signify the grandchildren and leaves on the shoots to signify the great grandchildren. How cool!

Another new addition, Katherine Orendorff - only 6 weeks old!

Mommy's cousin, Beth, holds Isa:

Another great reunion!!!

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